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VOLTA NY, 2012, Art Fair - New York Arts Week Continues

Artist Jeff Perrot's "Random Walk" series. The brush with various paint colors or mixtures wanders in in a state of arbitrariness on the canvas. Each turn of direction is created by the game "spinner", the colors are intuitive. Represented by Lamontangne Gallery in Boston.

VOLTA, NY 2012

The scene at VOLTA, NY, 2012.
VOLTA NY, an Art Fair Comes of Age!

VOLTA, NY is an art fair made up exclusively of "Solo Shows". It is operated by the same organization that creates The Armory Show. I have attended this fair every year, except last year - I skipped it. It is a smaller fair and had not been that interesting to me. It seemed as if The Armory Show did not want to create it's own competition. Forget the past, this year is exceptional. There are so many excellent artists / galleries represented and this year it has a Nordic focus. 

Here is an overview of a very good exhibition = VOLTA, NY 2012.

(Photographs of the art were taken with permission and using the incandescent lights of the exhibition space causing some colors to shifted, warmer. Please excuse.)

James Clar's, neon works represented by Blythe Projects, LA.

James Clar's neon works - represented by Blythe Projects, LA.

Francesco Merletti paints his wife, over and over again! Represented by Magrorocca, Milan.

Francesco Merletti represented by Magrorocca, Milan.

Alex Fischer, represented by O'Born Gallery, Toronto.

Alex Fischer, represented by O'Born Gallery, Toronto.

Artist Lotte Van Den Audenaeren lives and works in Brussels, Belgium and is represented by Galerie Fortlaan 17, Ghent. Her neon 3-D sculpture of a box container, "contains" nothing, except the artist's idea leading to it's creation. The work is a metaphor for all art!

Andrew Masullo's abstract paintings, represented by Steven Zevitas Gallery, Boston.

Henrik Eiben, shown by Pablo's Birthday, New York. A peach colored "matte" painting on canvas abuts a "high gloss" solid sea green colored painting coated in resin - leather straps adorn the sides. The reflection pictured, is not a part of the painting, but shows the artist attending his booth at the fair. 

Andrej Dubravsky's paintings are represented by Jiri Svestka Gallery, Prague & Berlin. He is young and still studying at the Academy of Fine arts in Bratislava. His paintings use old master imagery to express his bittersweet feelings regarding his self-image while growing up.
Ed Pien, represented by Pierre-Francois Ouellette Art Contemporain, Montreal. The Toronto artist uses his style of automatic gesture drawing and milar transfers to create his ink renderings. The square tonal shifts in the background are created by the different sides of the paper he uses, each side has a subtle shift of tone. He was recently selected by MoMA guest curator for drawings, Catherine de Zegher, to participate in the Sydney Biennial.

Found Object - German inspired Samoan Hair Combs are a part of Michael Tuffery's installation. Paintings, fast moving digital video graphics and these combs help tell the tale of the impact European explorers made on the Pacific Islands they "discovered".
Artist couple Ozlem Gunyol & Mustafa Kunt incorporate the background motifs used by governments to protect information on passports, as imagery, in a series of their digital prints. Identity, social structures, political systems, dignity, justice and boundaries are wrapped in and represented by these mechanical and repeating patterns. Shown by Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt.

Peter Buechler is represented by Morgen Contemporary, Berlin. The artist finds anonymous old paintings in antique shops and at auction. He paints a representation of modern digitization on top of the old painting, to protect the sitter's identity - forever! 

Terry Haggerty, represented by Kuttner Siebert, Berlin. These paintings are acrylic on canvas. The artist first paints and sands and repaints and sands the white surface until it is akin to ceramic. He then cuts a mask for these spray painted images. Two more paintings follow.

Pugliese / Repetto represented by Guidi&Schoen Contemporary Art, Genoa. Blown glass balls with small speakers inside hang from the ceiling via clear nylon wire and their black chords dangle to the floor. It creates a visually interesting installation. The sounds being play through the speakers, in this 11th floor exhibition in a NYC skyscraper, are from the street level below. The piece is titled "Inside & Out". We are reminded of how technology knocks down walls and constantly creates faster ways to connect people.

These two inch "holes-in-the-wall" are protected by lenses. They become portals to miniature dioramas of very real looking scenes within the small depth of the wall.
Artist Patrick Jacobs is represented by The Pool, NYC.

(All art is covered under the personal © Copyright of the artists and the photographs in this article are © Copyright Jack A. Atkinson and were taken with permission. Because of the exhibiton lighting, colors in some cases have shifted. Much care has gone into obtaining the correct information in the captions. If a mistake is found, please send an email correction to the contact information at our website,


At the naturally occurring finishing spot for the exhibition, the organizers have placed their food service and lounge. You simply keep walking up a few stairs, sit down and have a glass of wine, to discuss the show.
The lounge area at VOLTA, NY is comfortable and they serve wine and beer. They also have prepackaged salads and sandwiches available.
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