Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Independent Art Fair - Armory Arts Week NY 2013

ARTSnFOOD coverage of Armory Arts Week New York 2013

Felt on canvas

This mostly European Gallery exposition is always a breath of fresh air during Armory Arts Week. There is a decidely different feeling at this art fair - more of a focus on the art objects and less focus on the sales. I think of it as a European point of view.

As viewers walk through the fair, keeping up with which artist produced each piece or what the title of that artwork is - is almost impossible because of the way the fair is put together. So enjoy and view the art below, like you were there, in the old DIA Chelsea space (548 West 22nd Street), wandering around simply experiencing the INDEPENDENT ART FAIR as THE ART PRESENTS ITSELF. 

(Note: A list of all of the galleries in this fair are in the postscript section at the end of this issue.)

All photography above was done with the permission of the galleries, at the time they were taken, and as an invited member of the press by fair management © Copyright 2013 Jack A. Atkinson
More Armory Arts Week 2013 coverage to come in our next issue!

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Galleries in this fair.