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FOUNTAIN Art Fair NYC 2012 - Individual Artists, Artist Collectives & Many Brooklyn Galleries


NYC 2012

FOUNTAIN ART FAIR, New York, is known for its "street art" vibe, the large number of female artists featured and its focus on Brooklyn artists and galleries. This year there were also 10 international galleries at the fair, from Korea, Japan, Germany, France and Canada. 

Artist: Kjok, "Whirligig"
Art for Progress

Beden Tiscareno
Francesca Arcllesi Fine Art

Alex Waters
"A mother and son can never be divided"
Albany Center Gallery

David Gilmore
Gallery ML
aka "The Body Paint Gallery"

Eric Trosko, "Horror-of-Mutation 2"
Bushwick Gallery


Artist: Javier Jimenez

Jung S. Kim
Fine Art International

Artist: Ken Kocses, "Island World"
Bushwick Gallery

Artist: Kun-Yong, Lee at Asan Gallery

Artist: Benoit Debbane
Marianne Nems Gallery

"Pure Intentions" by Tania Marmolejo
Dacia Gallery

Skewville at Mighty Tanaka

(The above images © individual artists, fabricators, respective owners or assignees. All images above came from the Fountain Art Fair press release site. To see more of the artists represented at Fountain see our POSTSCRIPT section at the end of this issue, for a full list of participants and links to see the individual artist or gallery samples and artist statements.)

Fountain's move this year into the 69th Regiment Armory marked the 99th anniversary of the original 1913 Armory Show, where Marcel Duchamp — with his readymade upside-down urinal, titled "Fountain" — challenged the perceptions of modern art. Duchamp’s gutsy spirit resonates today in Fountain Art Fair’s attitude and its grassroots environment. 

Fountain Art Fair was founded on the premise of supporting smaller, independent galleries and to give collectors better access to gallerist and artists. Visitors to the fair always enjoy on-site performance art, installations, and daily musical performances. From presenting just 3 local exhibitors at its first fair in 2006, Fountain has grown to represent over 30 American & international galleries, independent artists and collectives. 

Fountain Art Fair
New York 2012
Held at the 69th Regiment Armory
68 Lexington Ave. at 25th St., NYC
(Source: information, links, photographs and artworks came from the fountain press release.)

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Fountain Art Fair, NY 2012 list of exhibitors, with links to Fountain's website to view the art exhibited and the artist's & gallery's notes. 
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