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The Independent NY 2012 - the Only Art Fair in the Chelsea Art District

The Approach, a London Gallery, at The Independent Art Fair - Artist: Magalis Reus.
Special Reports

Art Fair, New York - 2012
This is the third year for the "Independent" in New York. It is the only art fair which is actually in New York's current contemporary arts district. The show takes advantage of the vacated museum space left behind by "Dia" Chelsea. The space is bright and clean like "Dia" Beacon, just not as open and certainly not massive. The Independent is a different fair, in that it is set up like a museum exhibition (no gallery booths). Although the display can be a little confusing when trying to figure out which artworks go with which galleries and where the artist, title and medium information is located for each piece, on balance this open exhibition format is a "breath-of-fresh-air" and sets the Independent apart from the many other satellite fairs during Armory Arts Week. 

On with the show - Independent, NY - 2012.

Andrew Kreps Gallery - Frank Benson's "Extrusion" series 
Andrew Kreps -  more of Benson's "Extrusion" series 
Art offered at Broadway 1602 Gallery
Jank Hanley Gallery presents Marie Lorenz's installation "Archipelago"

Jank Hanley Gallery - Still from Marie Lorenz's video for "Archipelago"

The stairwell between floors has a great "Dia" touch, with the "Flavinesque" illumination.
 Artist: James Lee Byars's work "Eros" - 15 pieces of shaped black Japanese paper.

Bortolami Gallery,  Artist: Ricard Aldrich "Untitled", oil, wax & charcoal on linen
Hotel, Artist: Allstair Frost's massage tables and paintings.
Artist: Pae White, "Professional" mirrors, colored paper & clear cable.

(left) Mirrored view from top, (right) view from below, showing what is making the reflections.

Artist: Jiro Takamatsu.
MD42, Artists: Danh Vo & Heinz Peter Knes,
"Golden Ratio- Double Genitals"
MD42, Artist: Marc Camille Chailmowicz Cluny, "Parasol No. 5" (detail)
Spruth Magers, Artist: Robert Elfgen,
"das kritisierte bild"
Murray Guy - Artist: Matthew Buckingham, "Celeritas"

Murry Guy - Artist: Moyra Davey (top) "Ways and Means" (middle) "Purse Strings"
(bottom) "Assets", all C-prints

Hayv Kahraman's "Peirce Quincuncial" & "Anthropometric Woman"

Viola Yesiltac, "Untitled" installation

on the roof!

The four story structure uses its roof as a fifth floor and multifunction space. The lounge was created by the fair as a place to eat, have a drink, and relax. There was nothing special about the food and beverage offerings, but on a clear day, like last Sunday, the Independent's roof was a great place just to hang out and soak up some sun! 
Up on the roof!

Custom designed tables & stools, inside the tent.
The Independent Art Fair- NY, 548 West 22nd St. at 11th Ave, NY 10001. A list of galleries at the Independent, with an information link for each, is below in our Postscript section.

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Galleries at Independent NY, 2012

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