Sunday, February 25, 2018

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The Many Ways to Visualize "Tic-Toc"

Hans Hilfiker's Swiss Railway Clock

Railway engineer Hans Hilfiker's 1940s classic designed for the Swiss Railway Stations it has become the train station standard with over 3000 clocks in Europe keeping precision time for the trains to follow. The straightforward black and white face with a red second hand is easy to read from a distance.
The rest of these designer clocks have their own stories, like the mid-century lolly pop design for Herman Miller designed by George Nelson or Kikkerland's Sprocket Clock designed by Milton Glaser.
Stroll through our designer's showcase of wall clocks.

George Nelson's Lolly Pop Clock

Milton Glaser's Sprocket Clock

Ahlberg Round Clock

Alessi Blow Up Wall Clock

Walter Wayle Ii Wall Clock, Aleesi 05 G

London Art District Clock

 AVT 311 project 2

Chevron Clock, Yellow

Colorblindness Clock

Herman Miller's Eye Clock

Duplicated Clock

Time Teacher

History of Art Wall Clock

Vitra Sunburst Clock by George Nelson

Kikkerland Blue: Milton Glaser

Minimalist Clock by Air Frame

Groomed and Trimmed

Numbers in Blue

Enamel/Metal Outdoor Clock

Summer Tube, Orange

LED Gobo Light / Wall Projection Clock

Revolving Dial

Target, Blue

Tall Case Clock Face

The Dingbat Clock

Timesphere Clock (Magnetic Dot)

Whiteout Grey Circle

Word Clock  

 De Stijl Clock

Retirement Clock

The Tic-Toc of a Grandfather Clock (video - just for relaxing)