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New Art in Chelsea - Spring Exhibitions (1) + "Art Hood" Wine Tastings

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23rd St. at 10th Ave is the center and the main entry to NYC's Chelsea Arts District.
The Chelsea Arts District 
is Manhattan's current art district for contemporary galleries. It's located on the west side, mainly between 19th & 29th Streets and 10th & 11th Avenues. The new elevated park, "The High Line" runs through most of the district.
On Sundays & Mondays the galleries are closed. These are the days you often see artists loading or unloading their gallery shows.

The flavor of Chelsea is both old and new.
Above an "old school" elevated parking lot on 19th Street at 10th Avenue.
Thursday nights are the traditional nights for art openings in Chelsea. But check the listings for the shows you are interested in, many galleries are now scheduling Friday and Saturday openings. All openings are at least 6pm to 8pm and some last longer.
Above, the "Mick Rock" exhibition opening spills onto the sidewalk, at CATM Gallery.


The shock of "day glow" returns in the artworks by Mick Rock
(pictured: Golden Bowie, 40" x 60")
CATM Gallery was packed on Thursday night 3/22/2012 with the music crowd and the art crowd both coming to see Mick Rock's photographic manipulations of 1970s photos. There was an open bar, as in mixed drinks - with glass cups, a phenomena not seen since the '70s. (Note to galleries: the glass cups had no landing spot and were precariously stacked around the gallery.)

Mick literally "gives-me-his-blessing"
to take photographs.

The artist signing a book for a patron while the process is being well documented
by a videographer.
A small black & white print of Mick Rock having lunch on a train with David Bowie.
Mick Rock has altered his black & white photographs into colorful psychedelic rock compositions, mounted under plex.

CATM Gallery, at 500 West 22nd St. in Chelsea (the entrance faces 10th Ave.), held a jam-packed opening for British photographer Mick Rock whose photographs from the 1970s documented the turbulent times, rebellious youth and legendary music idols of that era. He has reworked his images taking advantage of the possibilities available in digital media, creating a new expression for himself. In his youth, Mick Rock ran with the famous and the infamous, but this show focuses only on the good-guys and is labeled as his "Legend Series." 
(The Mick Rock exhibition is up at CATM Gallery through April 22, 2012.)


Paul Housley
"Mudpusher Blues" Opening.

"Mudpusher" painting by Paul Husley

Paul Housley's universal artist self-portrait titled "Mudpusher"* is the centerpiece, the largest painting and the most expensive work shown in ZieherSmith's exhibition. Shown above, the primordial artist is nude, alone and seated - his twisted fingers are filled with creative anxiety and his face shows stress and fatigue.
The paintings in this exhibition are described as "insanity intersects joyfulness." 
(*There are two works titled "Mudpusher" in this series.)

London-based artist Paul Housley created this body of work during his three month residency in New York City. This show is punctuated with references and homages to Condo, Picasso and Charles Schulz. 

Housley has shown widely in Europe and has participated in several group shows and one other solo show in New York City. He received his MFA from the Royal College of Art, London. 

The "Mudpusher Blues" exhibition is up through April 22, 2012.
516 West 20th St.
New York, NY 10011

(Sources: All information about the artworks and the artists in this issue came from the press releases provided by the repective galleries and also from conversations with the artists or gallerists. All photos in this issue were taken with permission and are © Copyright Jack A, Atkinson. The artworks themselves remain under the copyright of the artists and cannot be reproduced without permission.)


The Appellation Wine and Spirits, Wine Shop (on 10th Ave. at 19th Street) conducts a tasting of three selected wines every Thursday, during the gallery openings in Chelsea.

Appellation Wine and Spirits is located at 156 Tenth Ave, in the heart of NYC's Chelsea Arts District. 
They offer free delivery for case lots, anywhere in Manhattan.

The wines presented for tasting
on Thursday, March 22, 2012:
Saracina (white)

Region: Mendocino County CA
Appellation: Mendocino County CA
Grapes: Savignon Blanc
Vintage: 2009
Org/Bio/Sus: Org
Price: $25.99
Notes: Patty Rock and John Fetzer set out to produce wine on a small scale for California (think 10,000 cases) standards. The result is a delicious: pear, white flower, herbaceous notes complimented by a medium-plus body. 

Montirius, Mineral (white)

Region: Rhone
Appellation: Vacqueras Blanc
Grapes: Bourboulenc blend
Vintage: 2008
Org/Bio/Sus: Bio
Price: $26.99
Notes: Eric and Christine Saurel are lovely, and their wine is a reflection of their passion for farming and zest for life: white peach, herbaceous and mineral notes with medium body and racy acidity. Pair with Long Island duck.

Quinta do Passadouro, Passa (red)

Region: Douro, Portugal
Appellation: Douro, Portugal
Grapes: Touriga Franca blend
Vintage: 2008
Org/Bio/Sus: NA
Price: $14.99
Notes: From the same blend of grapes used in making Port, this unfortified wine has all of the charm without the power. Notes of violet and minerality on the nose are joined by juicy, dark cherry, fruit in the palate.

(Sources: All information above came from Appellation Wine and Spirits, specifically the pass out notes offered at the tasting. Photograph © Copyright Jack A, Atkinson)

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