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MORE! MORE! MORE! ARMORY SHOW 2012 (your plea for more, has been answered)

The Armory Show Champagne Bar at Pier 94
The Piers, for the Armory Show, are over the Hudson River. 
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Entrance to The Armory Show 
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(at Pier 94, continued)
My original overview of the art exhibited at the Armory Show was just a speck of this giant show. Here are some additional artworks and yet still, it is just a small sampling. 

Michael Joaquin Grey digitally transforms Botticelli into Michael Grey and back again, with his computer program, which moves so slowly you cannot see the transformation happening. It is fascinating to watch. "Between Simoneetta" at Galeria SENDA, Barcelona

Above: Norwegian artist, Børre Sæthre manufactures his work "Ghost Arcade" out of melamine panels to the exact specifications of old arcade games. With his form of existential modernism, he sets the stage for a future of loneliness - which we have been heading toward ever since that "one giant leap for mankind." Shown at Loevenbruck, Paris.

Carsten Höller, "CANARIES" series at Carolina Nitsch Gallery. The sepia toned prints are so subtle, they seem to reinvent monochromatic photography.

Carsten Nicolai inserts loops of metal strips into clear acrylic boxes and lets the shapes self organize in a random fashion. The shapes never change, due to the equilibrium of forces, formed inside the box. At Galerie EIGEN+ART, Berlin

Cindy Sherman & two Jenny Holzer works displayed at Spruth Magers, Berlin / London

Daniel Knorr, "$2 Pigs", edition of 3, folded inkjet prints
at Gallerie Nachst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwalder
Nicole Eisenman's "Pancake Dinner"
at Susanne Vielmetter, L.A., CA

Michael DeLucia, "Shadow of Truth"
at Eleven Rivington

Dirimart Gallery from Istanbul, being interviewed

Elgreen & Dragset, "Time Out / Powerless Structures Fig. 248"

"Fairylights" (handcuffs) by Jota Castro at Gonzalez y Gonzales, Chile
Jota Castro, "La Nina, la Pinta y la Santa Maria", 4000 paper boats on the floor, 
at Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Chile.

Galeria Nara Roeler artist: Raul Maurao
"Untitled" kinetic sculpture.
Artist Gehard Demetz,
"My Shadow Can Walk on Water"
lime wood & acrylic paint at Jack Shainman

Geof Oppenheimer's photograph, 
"Social Failure and Black Signs" at Ratio 3

James Welling's photograph "Sink" at Gallerie Nachst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwalder

Jeff Koons' plate at the New Museum Shop booth

Irish artist Mark Francis, "Fracture" mixed media on canvas at Kerlin Gallery, Dublin

The crowd was 5-deep trying to view, enjoy and figure out Leandro Erlich's "La Vitrina Cloud Collection" 
at Sean Kelly 
Marina Abramovic, "The Communicator"
at Sean Kelly

Tomory Dodge paintings at CRG Gallery

Rob Pruitt's silver tires at Massimo De Carlo.
On the Saturday of the Armory Show, artist Rob Pruitt had a book signing at Karma Bookstore in the city, which he decided to attend "naked", with a strategically placed stuffed panda on his lap. (The artist is also known for his glitter paintings of panda bears.)

Saint Clair Cemin sculpture "Father"
at Paul Kasmin Gallery
"The boy (changed into a stag) clamors at the gate of secrets"
by Jarmo Makila at Galerie Forsblom

Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro
Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro

Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro, London

Walton Ford's "Perfect in My Memory- The Scale of Nature" painting on paper at Paul Kasmin Gallery
(All art is covered under the personal © Copyright of the artists. The photographs in this article are © Copyright Jack A. Atkinson and were taken with permission. Because of the exhibition lighting, some colors may have shifted. Much care has gone into obtaining the correct information in the captions. If a mistake is found by a gallery, please send an email correction to our contact information at our website, Thank you.)


Offerings at the Contemporary Fair 
Pier 94
Salmon Nicoise
Mixed Greens
Traditional Caesar
Vegetarian Chili
Classic Tomato
Pressed Sandwiches
Served with Pickled  Vegetables & Potato Chips
Chicken Panino
Traditional Cuban
Sun Dried Tomato & Mozzarella
with pesto
Small Plates
Flatbread - Short Ribs, Queso
Empanadas - Spicy Chicken
Season Spreads - Truffled White Bean, Hummus, Olive Tapanade, Beet & Caper Relish
Antipasti Platter
New York Cheesecake
Double Chocolate Brownie Explosion w/ whipped cream
Soft Drinks - Water - Tea

Until later,

Layout of The Armory Show.
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 Map showing where the Piers are located in Manhattan.
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ARTSnFOOD, All rights reserved. Concept & Original Text © Copyright 2012 Jack A. Atkinson under all International intellectual property and copyright laws. Images © individual artists, fabricators, respective owners or assignees.

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