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New Art in Chelsea - Spring Exhibitions (2) + "The Highliner" replaces "Empire Diner"

Artist Maurizio Cattelan and New Museum director Massimiliano Gioni 
have opened "Family Business" gallery - a non-profit project space. 
(This kitschy photo is used by the gallery to symbolize the concept of a "Family Business")

For those searching for our Armory Arts Week coverage - the direct link is:
More street photographs of the art district's neighborhood.

No gallery? Some artists take to the streets for self promotion and to create their own exhibition space.
Street installation.

More recent gallery openings
in Chelsea, NYC

Vibha Galhotra's
"Utopia of Difference"
at Jack Shainman Gallery
March 22 – April 21, 2012

Ghungroos - small, metal, Indian bells.
Vibha Galhotra uses ghungroos, small Indian bells, to create tapestry-like scenes or word comments and to make her organic soft sculptures. These bells contribute to the conversation with the viewer about her country and its changing culture.

Gallerist Jack Shainman and the Indian artist Vibha Galhotra discuss her artworks with patrons. The artist's statement in the press release says, "My work narrates the life of a disordered (or hyper ordered) society, with all of the clashes and tensions that contemporary life brings...."

Tryptic of tapestries, made from ghungroo, depicts a contemporary Indian cityscape.

Organic soft ghungroo sculpture.
This show will mark Galhotra’s first exhibition in New York, and with the gallery. The show includes works made of intricately sewn metal ghungroos, as well as new sculptures which continue to utilize domestic, industrial and natural materials to examine gender and the environment in contemporary society.  

Rope-like sculpture created out of ghungroos by Vibha.
Galhotra utilizes both abstract forms and images of the urban metropolis to address the radically shifting topography of India under the impact of globalization and growth. She sees herself as being part of the restructuring of culture, society and geography, not just of a specific region but of the world.  Responding to the rapid environmental changes and rezoning of land, Galhotra embodies the dense urbanization and jungles of steel and concrete through unlikely materials to draw attention to the increasing human impact on nature.

Urban camouflage.

Vibha Galhotra currently lives and works in New Delhi, India. She has shown extensively in India and internationally.

(Sources: Gallery visit and conversation during the opening. Photographs were taken by Jack A. Atkinson with permission. Jack Shainman Gallery press release and website.)

Family Business Gallery
"The Virgin Show" now
coming soon
Family Business gallery.

Two glass doors open into a tiny 126 sq. ft. Chelsea gallery named "Family Business." It is the latest project space of artist Maurizio Cattelan and New Museum director Massimiliano Gioni. A far cry from the Guggenheim Museum—where Cattelan just wrapped up his retrospective and his artmaking career last month. It uses a small bit of space carved out of Anna Kustera Gallery. It is just a few doors down and across 21st Street from Gagosian's big box gallery. Cattelan and Gioni also created the "Wrong Gallery" which was a sensation a few years back. (The Wrong gallery was simply a glass door, with one piece of changing art inside its 12" space. behind the locked door.) At Family Business nothing will be for sale, and the place is set up as a nonprofit. This first series of exhibitions, titled "The Virgin Show," is made up of MFA students, from SVA. "It is sort of “a guest room,” says Gioni, “where people are invited to try out different formats and ideas, with really no pressure.”

Artworks by artist Michael Ballou.
There was much ado on opening night about The Virgins Show, which was guest-curated by Marilyn Minter. Cattelan and Gioni joined her at the opening along with an entourage of note-taking press, photographers, and a ragtag-clad crowd of artists, all jamming together like guppies in an overpopulated fish bowl. 

Family Business Gallery
520 West 21st Street
New York, NY 10011

(Sources: Gallery visit, gallery press release and website. Photographs were taken by Jack A. Atkinson with permission.)
"Empire Diner", one of the art district's most loved and oldest establishments closed. It has been reborn embracing the name of the new "High Line".

The Highliner restaurant has taken over Empire Diner's abandoned space, in Chelsea. It is serving a pastiche of diner and upscale restaurant dishes to the art crowd. Nothing but the name and the menu have really changed, the giant EAT sign still shines above the silver, bullet shaped diner with lots of outdoor seating. The new establishment limits service to dinner and a weekend brunch.

The Highliner 
210 10th Ave. at 22nd St. NYC
For reservations: 212-206-6206
5pm til Midnight  Tue - Sat

Dinner Menu
Crispy Calamari
spicy tomato sauce . aioli...9
Baby Lettuce Salad 
radishes . cucumbers . herbs . chardonnay vinegar...7
Farro Salad
cauliflower . fava beans . parmesan dressing...8
Tomato Soup
Grilled manchego cheese points...7
Clam Chowder
little necks . leeks...9
crusty bread . exra virgin olive oil...9
Spinach Salad 
crispy onions . smoked bacon . hard boiled egg . yolk dressing...9
Mushroom Risotto Croquettes
goat cheese fondue...8
Baby Beet Salad 
arugula . almond-crusted goat cheese . cabernet vinaigrette...9
Crispy Pork Belly
sweet chili glaze . brussels sprout kimchi ...10
Shrimp Dumplings
cilantro . ponzu...9

fall vegetables . parmesan cheese . bread crumbs...14
Chicken & Dumpling Stew
dill . baby carrots...15
Pan-Roasted Organic Salmon
cucumbers . radishes . sorrel . greek yogurt...18
Half Roasted Chicken 
natural jus . seasonal vegetables...17
Butternut Squash Ravioli
brown butter. sage . brussels sprouts . lemon zest...16
Crispy Fish Tacos 
mango . avocado . coleslaw...14
Seared Sea Scallops
cauliflower puree . bacon. brussels sprouts ...19
Black Angus Hanger Steak
french fries. baby lettuce. red wine reduction...20
Slow Roasted Rack of Pork
potato puree . pearl onions . swiss chard...18
Meat Loaf 
green beans . mashed potatoes . gravy...17
Breakfast All Night
Western Omelet
ham . gruyere . spinach...10
Creme Brulee French Toast 
peaches . maple syrup...12
Steak & Eggs 
eggs any style  . hanger steak . baby lettuce . potato hash...14
Creme Brulee French Toast
 classic...14 florentine...11 gravlax...16
Hangover Sandwich
fried eggs, . lettuce . tomato . bacon . avocado . siracha aioli . fries...12
Breakfast Wrap
scrambled eggs . avocado . rice & beans . salsa verde ...9

Highliner...14 Turkey...14 Veggie...13
lettuce . tomato . pickle . french fries
add $1 each bacon . cheese . avocado

Nicoise Salad
seared tuna . green beans . fingerlings . roasted peppers . 
crispy poached egg...15
Sesame Chicken Salad 
chicken . cabbage . bok choi . miso dressing...14
Caesar Salad
croutons . parmesan . classic dressing...10 add chicken $3

Blue Plate Specials
MONDAY Lobster Boil
potatoes. corn. drawn butter...19
TUESDAY Kielbasa
saurkraut . potatoes...17
winter vegetables...17
THURSDAY Thanksgiving Dinner
aroasted vegetables...18
FRIDAY Shepard's Pie
braised lamb shank . duchess potatoes...11
double baked potato . creamed spinach...24
SUNDAY Lasagna
lamb bolognese . ricotta cheese . bechamel...16

Roasted Chicken Sandwich 
avocado . arugula . tomato jam . basil aioli . ciabatta...11
Seared Rare Tuna Steak
wasabi mayo . country bread...15
Hot Open Turkey Sandwich
mashed potato . gravy. green beans...13

french fries . mashed potatoes . potato hash . green beans . mushrooms . swiss chard . bacon . sausage...5
cheese and gravy fries...8

Until later,

Comments On Art:

by Darby Bannard
1) Good "new" art may not look like art. Inspired creativity doesn't follow, it creates its own path.
2) In fine art, when anyone can produce dreck or create rubbish, and not only get away with it, but be celebrated for it, the discipline is no longer a discipline. 
3) TIME is the most important element in determining if an artwork is worthy of praise.

Comments On Art:
by Philip Guston
When you're in the studio painting, there are a lot of people in there with you - your teachers, friends, painters from history, critics... and one by one if you're really painting, they walk out. And if you're really painting YOU walk out. 

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