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The Armory Show, Hold on to Your Hats - This is ARMORY ARTS WEEK in NYC (Preview & Selected Works)

Contemporary Fair: at Pier 94

LUCIANA BRITO galeria, Brazil

Selected artworks from the "Contemporary Fair" 2012 

Galerie Laurent Godin, Paris
Creating quite a buzz was Chinese artist Wang Du's, "Image Absolue."
30 life-sized white busts of Osama bin Laden form a circular shape on the floor. 

 Artist Fabrice Hyber at Galerie Jerome de Noirmont
 A piece showing a metaphorical balance of power and money.Created for the upcoming G20 Summit in Mexico next June.

The Armory Show is the "Main Event" during NYC Arts Week
and the crowds can rival a major sporting event.
It's great to see thousands of people enjoying contemporary art.

Sarah Sze silkscreened an "Eyechart" onto art paper, then cut out the letters creating this piece, an edition of 29. At Carolina Nitsch Gallery, New York.

Pencil drawing, "Double Portrait" at galerie hussenot, Paris

Girls, Girls, Girls
artist: Robert Lazzarini at Marlborough Chelsea
When I saw this piece, I was so excited to see an abstraction in neon, as opposed to another message in simple neon script by another artist.

Laura Lancaster, "Golem II"
Oil on Linen at Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK.

Nathan Mabry takes on Darth Vader
at Praz-Delavallade, Paris

The booth for Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York
Notice the neon fence (created by mirrors & going to infinity) on the right. Last year Paul Kasmin Gallery's full space was enclosed in and dedicated to 120+/- feet of the actual neon fencing. This clever version will fit into all NYC apartments or ships easily!

"Shadow Fear"
oil on linen by artist Tala Madani at Pilar Corrias Gallery

Tony Oursler, the artist who mastered projected images onto sculptural shapes, has gone miniature with his "Pyrite (Murphy's Law)" a 2011 piece shown at Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York

LUCIANA BRITO galeria, Brazil
Their performance art / installation really drew a crowd!
Does the power of "Crystal Energy" work. The participants in white lab coats should know, each was given the opportunity to lay under the power of that pointed crystal for three, uninterupted hours.

At the Armory Show

The food service at the Armory show was different this year, certainly more places to get something to eat, champagne or coffee. The theme was NYC taxi yellow on all of the chairs in all of the eating venues. The organizers are trying to feed this huge crowd and I give them credit. Because when some people sit down they are there for hours.

Photographs in this "show coverage section" are © Jack A. Atkinson, 
Copyright 2012 
and were taken with permission. The featured artworks are protected 
under international intellectual property and copyright laws, © individual artists, fabricators, respective owners or assignees.

(Originally posted before the show opened.)
This Show is America's leading fine art fair devoted to the most important art of galleries showing 20th century masters and galleries featuring 21st century work by living artists. 
(March 8-11, 2012)

(Top) Pier 94 in NYC will be the venue for the Contemporary Armory Show
and (bottom) Pier 92 in NYC will be the venue for the Modern Armory Show

Every March, artists, galleries, collectors, critics and curators from all over the world make New York their destination during Armory Arts Week. The Armory Show has taken this opportunity to launch its first ever series of public programming in celebration of the City’s unparalleled artistic communities in a different neighborhood each night. Events include special receptions, open studios, art tours, museum discounts, performances, panels, artist discussions and parties.
The Armory Show and Armory Arts Week have always been essential in the annual art calendar. This year, The Whitney Museum of American Art’s 2012 Whitney Biennial, the Museum of Modern Art’s Cindy Sherman retrospective, The Generational, New Museum’s signature triennial, Dan Flavin: Drawing at The Morgan Library & Museum and John Chamberlain: Choices at the Guggenheim will all be on view. The Art Show, organized by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA), Moving Image, Scope New York, VOLTA NY and the third edition of Independent will again take place during Armory Arts Week.
For the VIP collectors who come with their checkbooks in hand, over twenty prominent NYC art collectors open their homes for private viewings. Also, VIPs have special sessions with collecting institutions and receptions with embassies and cultural consuls, including: the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Belgian Consulate, the British Consul General, the French Embassy, and the Swiss Institute.
We start our coverage with something new ARMORY PERFORMANCES which this year are curated by Jacob Fabricius.

Armory Performance 

The Armory Show will present the inaugural edition of Armory Performance, featuring artists active in the Nordic Region and in the United States. Performances will take place in The Wall Street Journal Media Lounge on Pier 94 and on the Fair floor. 

Schedule and programming as follows:
Wednesday, March 7, 2:00-2:30PM, 3:30-4:00PM
Kreppa: A Symphonic Poem about the Financial Situation in Iceland
By: Örn Alexander Ámundason, Performed by Metropolis Ensemble, Andrew Cyr, Artistic Director/Conductor 
The Wall Street Journal Media Lounge 
What does a financial collapse sound like? This is a question posed by the Icelandic artist Örn Alexander Ámundason in the 14-minute concert Kreppa. Ámundason, who has explored what happens when politics are transformed into music, has identified thirteen main protagonists, given each of them an instrument and transformed their voices into a music score. The resulting work is performed on Opening Day of The Armory Show in collaboration with Metropolis Ensemble. Kreppa is generously sponsored by Stund styrktarsjóður and the Icelandic Art Center. Metropolis Ensemble’s performance is generously sponsored by Robert Bielecki and Fast Orbit.
Wednesday, March 7, 5:30-6:30PM
Saturday, March 10, 10:00-11:00AM, 12:00-1:00PM
Amorphous Assemblage
Concept by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen
White cocoons will be scattered throughout The Armory Show where living sculptures will emerge through a continuous transformation into various geometrical and amorphous shapes; the dancers within display the body as organic architecture. Participating dancers include: Amy Mauvan, Emily Keller, Emily Wong, Eunmi Yeo, Helen Louise Penn, Ida Nash, Liana Ruiz, Rie Komine and Shipra Saraogi. (Represented by Christian Larsen Gallery, Booth 914, Pier 94)
Wednesday, March 7, 6:00-8:00PM
By: FOS 
The Wall Street Journal Media Lounge
Osloo is a floating pavilion that has taken place on several occasions, latest as part of the Danish Pavilion during the 2011 Venice Biennale. The platform hosted a range of programmed public events that all addressed the idea of public space under the theme “public spiritualism”. Osloo is a major manifestation of FOS’ practice that extends from large-scale installations and sculptures to music, performance and design, all brought together under the term “social design”. For the two-hour event at The Armory Show, FOS will recreate the model of the events at OSLOO in Venice under the title: A Collection of Centers. The program will include: The Neo-Relational Performance by D.O.R (NO/BE); in-between protagonist performance by Rastafarian H.C. Andersen; a small introduction to swarm intelligence; a lecture on patterns in music; “Small White Man” a music conduction. Musicians will include Michael Hanf, vibraphone; Rasmus Bille Bahncke, SH101; Pavel Kogan, guitar; David Mason, electric drums; Matt Parker, saxophone; Mikkel Hess, drums; Special appearance by Tiffany Roth (Midnight Magic) and Findlay Brown, musician. Production coordinator is Maibritt Borgen.
Thursday, March 8 through Saturday, March 10
SEE, SIT, SUP, SIP, SING: Holding Court
By: Theaster Gates, Pier 94 Café
From a table built with the unclaimed desks of an old elementary school on Chicago’s south-side named after the mythic Afro-Indian Revolutionary martyr, Crispus Attucks, this year’s Armory Show Commissioned Artist, Theaster Gates, will hold court for three days in the café on Pier 94, taking meetings, convening conversations, sharing space and making time. Gates says, “if the belly of whales and fiery furnaces can render men or women unscathed, then surely, I can have a few conversations from within the beast. I want to make space for my friends and ensure that some new friends meet old ones. Holding court seems the best way to do this and a much better use of my time than the winter sale at Barneys.”
Artist "Holding Court" will give us all time to reflect on the artist's engaging body of work. As the Armory Artist, we are excited to See, Sit, Sup, Sip & Sing with him.
History of The Armory Show
The Armory Show, housed in Piers 92 and 94 next to the West Side Highway and along the Hudson River, is the largest art fair in New York and one of the major annual art events of the world. Visited by tens of thousands of people annually, it is a showplace for some of the world’s most important modern and contemporary art galleries. Art giants from Picasso to Pollock have all been presented at the fair, as have, some of the most cutting edge artists of today. 

Founded in 1994 by a few art dealers as the Gramercy International Art Fair, after its initial location, the Gramercy Park Hotel. The Armory Show acquired its current title five years later when it moved to the  69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Avenue, where the legendary 1913 Armory Show took place. The original Armory Show became an important part of Art History by showcasing works by avant-garde European artists for the first time in the United States. That show has been credited as being the beginning of New York City's rise to become the "Art Capitol of the World". 

The fair moved to the west side piers in 2001. The piers are the characteristic part of Manhattan's visual make-up, with their finger-like structures poking-out on the maps of the island. Piers 92 and 94 are on the west edge of busy NYC midtown at 54th St. & 12th Ave. (Walk, take a cab or the crosstown bus heading west on 49th St.) The remaining piers, closest to the Armory Show, still serve as a hub for ocean-bound cruise ships which will be coming and going during the show.
The Armory Show is a fine art fair, where galleries from around the world rent booths to show either the work of living artists in the Contemporary Armory Show (Pier 94) or the work of 20th century greats in the Modern Armory Show (Pier 92).

(Source: Schedule, history, information and photos above all provided by the Armory Show Press Dept.)
We plan to make several posts during this week to try and cover the massive amount of art presented during Armory Arts Week in NYC. So check back during the fair and a few days after.

Until later,


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