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EDGAR DEGAS: A Strange New Beauty exhibition at MoMA (#1)

At the Theater/ Woman with a Fan 1878-80 lithograph

A Strange New Beauty 
Exhibition at MoMA
(Selected Images - Issue  #1)

During the 1880s in Paris, a new technique "monotype" emerged and certainly intrigued artist Edgar Degas. A monotype is a transfer print made from an original work being painted on glass or stone, that is then transferred to paper as a UNIQUE one -of-a-kind print. Often the artist would work back into the print with various media.

Most of the works in this exhibition are shown very rarely, and for that reason the exhibition is so very interesting.

Below is a small sample of the exhibition at Museum of Modern Art, NYC titled:
Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty. 

(There are some seldom shown etchings, lithographs and oil paintings in this exhibition as well.)

Ironing Women c.1877-79 Monotype on paper

(detail) Wheatfield and line of trees, c.1890 Pastel over monotype in oil on paper
A Woman Ironing 1873 Oil on Canvas
Actresses in their Dressing Rooms etching and aquatint on paper

At the Ambassadeurs 1879-80 Etching, softground, drypoint, and aquatint on paper

At the Races c. Oil on canvas

Beside the Sea, 1876-77 Monotype on paper

Cafe Singer c.1877-78 Monotype on paper
Cafe-Concert Singer c.1877 Monotype on paper

Cafe-Concert Singer, Monotype on paper

Heads of a Man and a Woman Monotype on paper

In the Omnibus c.1877-78 Monotype on paper

Lady with a Parasol c. 1870-72 Oil on Canvas

Mademoiselle Becat at the Ambassadeurs c.1877 Lithograph on paper

On the Street 1876-77 Monotype
Portrait of Ellen Andree c. 1876, Monotype

Landscape, Monotype

Singer at a Cafe Concert 1875 Lithograph on paper

Study of a ballet dancer c. 1873 Oil with Opaque watercolor on prepared pink paper
The Engraver Joseph Tourny (First State) 1858 Etching on paper

The Engraver Joseph Tourny (Second State) 1858 Etching on paper 

The Engraver Joseph Tourny (Third State) 1858 Etching on paper 

Three subjects The Toilette, Marcellin Desboutin, the Cafe Concert c.1876-77 Lithograph on paper
"Two Performers at a Cafe Concert" and "Morning Frolic" c.1877-79 Lithograph on paper
Wheatfield and line of trees, c.1890 Pastel over monotype in oil on paper

The Sign (taken on location) at the beginning of the MoMA Exhibition
Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty
(All photos/images were taken with the permission of the museum. This issue is the first in a series on this exhibition.)

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