Tuesday, December 27, 2016

EDGAR DEGAS: at MoMA (#3 cont.) Closely Looking at Degas' Drawing & Painting Technique

Exhibition View
Edgar Degas: A Strainge New Beauty
The Museum of Modern Art, New York City, USA.

Closely Looking at 
A Strange New Beauty 
Exhibition at MoMA
(Continued - Issue #3)

Photographic Portrait of Edgar Degas (standing)
with Auguste Renoir (seated)

We Explore the
Details of Degas' 
Drawing and
Painting Technique, 
Mark by Mark!

Join us as we take an over-the-shoulder-look as Degas works... see how he draws, paints, and makes monotype prints. 

How did this master of impressionism do what we all love so very much? We present it here for you to observe and figure out. Notice the details of how his hand, eye and brain worked together.

Degas himself will teach you!

(No captions are provided, this is only about observing Degas' technique.)

Until later
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