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Artist Nickolay Lamm Creates an Average-is-Beautiful Doll to Promote Positive Self-Images + Pan Seared Scallops

Artist Lamm created the normal Barbie because he "wanted to show that average is beautiful."
PHOTO: Nickolay Lamm /

Artist Nickolay Lamm of has created a rendering of what a Barbie doll would look like if it better resembled a real teen. He used the Center for Disease Control (CDC) measurements of the average 19 year old female in the US, to make his 3-D model. He dressed it up like Barbie, then photographed a standard Barbie doll next to his model to show the difference.

Artist Nickolay Lamm created a 3-D rendering of a "normal" Barbie (pictured at right) next to a standard Barbie by using the CDC's measurements for an average 19-year-old American woman.PHOTO: Nickolay Lamm /

“I created normal Barbie because I wanted to show that the average (female) is beautiful. If average-looking Barbie looks this good and if there's even a chance of Barbie negatively influencing young girls, why not make one?”

PHOTO: Nickolay Lamm /

Lamm noted that there can be “different interpretations” of what is considered an “average’’ body type, but that using the CDC measurements makes his creation “pretty close.’’

PHOTO: Nickolay Lamm /

On he wrote “some people say that we shouldn’t pay attention to the body proportions of Barbie because she is just a toy.” However research suggests Barbie may lead to heightened body dissatisfaction among young girls, unhealthy eating behaviors, and a desire to eat less in order to achieve her extremely slim body.

PHOTO: Nickolay Lamm /

PHOTO: Nickolay Lamm /

PHOTO: Nickolay Lamm /

This doll is a singular prototype, created with a 3-D printer. The “Normal" doll, resembling Barbie has drawn attention for having a larger backside and singer Demi Lovato, an advocate of preventing eating disorders in young girls, has tweeted her approval of Lamm’s proportions to her 15 million+ followers. 

Nickolay Lamm says, “Normal Barbie shows you are beautiful, just the way you are.”

(Source: Nickolay Lamm /

Photo by Jack A. Atkinson
Pan Seared Scallops

Sea scallops - fresh or frozen (completely thawed in fridge)
2 teaspoons unsalted butter
2 teaspoons olive oil
Steak Seasoning (pepper, salt, garlic, etc...)

- Remove the small side-muscle from the scallops
- Rinse scallops with cold water
- Thoroughly pat dry with paper towels
- Sprinkle steak seasoning on the crust side of the DRY scallops
(Prepare other parts of meal before cooking scollops.)
- Add the butter and oil to a 12 to 14-inch sauté pan on high heat. 
- Once the oil is hot, place 5 scallops seasoned side down, do not crowd. 
- DO NOT TOUCH OR MOVE to allow a crust to form. Sear the scallops for only 3 minutes on first side. 
- Flip over, you should see a golden crust
- Cook for only 1 to 1.5 minutes on the 2nd side, quickly remove from heat. (Don't overcook (1 minute is fine) the scallops should be translucent in the center, they continue to cook and become more dense the longer out of the pan.) 
- Drain on a paper towel.
- Plate and serve immediately.

Serve with wine, tossed salad and some buttered rice. 


(Source Atkinson Family Cookbook)

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