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The Armory Show 2013 - "Mr. Big" - Part 3 of 4 - Armory Arts Week NYC 2013

Typical Gallery Booth at the Armory Show, NYC.

Our coverage continues for 2013

More works of art from the 2013 Armory Show, Pier 94, Contemporary Artists.

"The Fountain", a urinal, in the original 1913 Armory Show was the most controversial work of art exhibited. Now during Armory Show 2013 Pierogi Gallery displays a contemporary version of that 1913 classic.

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Carved Wood 1 - Pi ARTWORKS - Istanbul

Carved Wood 2 - Pi ARTWORKS - Istanbul

Carved Wood 3 - Pi ARTWORKS - Istanbul

Carved Wood 4 - Pi ARTWORKS - Istanbul

Daniel Joseph Martinez
"A Little Liberty" 2012
Roberts & Tilton, Culver City

Eric Fertman, "Bird in Space"
oak, stain, stainless steel 47" high

Eric Fertman, "Knuckles" ash, stain, stainless steel, 47" wide - Susan Inglett Gallery, NY

Front Dining Tent at the Armory Show Pier 94.

Gallery Espace, New Delhi

Painting (detail) - Gallery Espace, New Delhi

Gordon Parks - "Department Store, Mobile , Alabama - 1956"
recent pigmented print, 1/10 - Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC

Joel Meyerowitz, "Truro, 1976" Chromogenic Print - Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC

Hadish Shafie - (overview) "Five Colors" Leila Heller Gallery

Hadish Shafie - (overview) "Five Colors - Ultramarine Blue, Violet, Black, Bronze & White" telesm series with hand written Farsi Text "Esheghe" (Love/Passion) Leila Heller Gallery

Jonathan Marshall - "Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt (for Kurt Vonnegut) Acrylic, Iron Paint, Enamel and Paper on canvas over panel. GRIMM gallery - Amsterdam

James Hugonin - "Binary Rhythm (III) oil and wax on wood

James Hugonin -(detail) "Binary Rhythm (III)
oil and wax on wood - INGLEBY GALLERY - Scotland

Joseph Kosuth - "Catharsis, Conversation, Traumata" 1986 - Vistamare gallery, Pescara

Joseph Kosuth - (detail)
Vistamare gallery, Pescara

Patrick Jacobs - "Stump with Red-Banded Brackets and English Daiseies" diarama of mixed media - Lens with interior wall box of 30" x 48" x 33" Pierogi Gallery Brooklyn

Pi ARTWORKS - Istanbul

Rachel Hovnanian
(notice projected mouse in cake)
"Dinner for Two - Wedding Cake"
Leila Heller Gallery NY
Rachel Hovnanian
(facing other way)
"Dinner for Two - Wedding Cake"
Leila Heller Gallery NY

"mobile" Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, NYC
"Spiritual Prostitution" overlapping neon (one on, then the other)

Tom Price - Bronze sculpture - Hales Gallery London

Dave Cole "Flags of the World" Dodge Gallery NY
Rear Dining Area of The Armory Show

Dave Cole
"Flags of the World" Dodge Gallery NY
(detail - outlines of other flags sewn over a large US flag)

Artist: Dave Cole "Flags of the World" 
many national flags on the floor under the altered US flag
Dodge Gallery NY

Winston Roeth - "Deep Violet IG-2 Maine"
Pigment on BFK paper

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