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Moving Image Art Fair - Armory Arts Week NYC 2013

Coverage of The Art Fairs of Armory Arts Week, NYC 2013

Moving Image
269 11th Ave - Tunnel Art Space in Chelsea. (artsnfood file photo)

Moving Image 
Art Fair
New York

Moving Image is an Art Fair of Contemporary Video Art - organized at the Tunnel space - 269 11th Ave. at 27th Street in Chelsea.

Moving Image was less of an art fair and more of a curated video art exhibition. There were no dealers and no way of knowing if the works were even for sale. Video art is "slow art", in stark contrast with the other frenetic art fairs, where thousands of patrons stroll quickly past the many booths. Videos take time to view and some pieces of video art can be famously tedious to sit through. Selecting what to watch at a video art exhibition is often judged by how many people are in front of any one screen. With that in mind, New York art dealer Ed Winkleman set up only a single stool and one set of earphones for each monitor in the show. 

Moving Image New York 2013

Stills are examples of each artist's work:

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