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SCOPE NY - Armory Arts Week NY 2013

SCOPE'S graphic logo points the way to ART.

(Shown: The art crates for all of the art at the fair lined the entrance hall
leading to Scope Art Fair NY 2013)

ARTSnFOOD coverage of Armory Arts Week New York 2013


"Maintiens le droit", 2012 by Jean-Franxois at Cooke & Pierre Sasseville
(fiberglass with taxidermied beaver)

The 12th edition of SCOPE New York opened its doors with a First View benefit attended by over 4,000 influential collectors, press and tastemakers. Hosted within the historic Moynihan Station, a New York City Post Office. SCOPE’s flagship fair welcomed over 20,000 visitors over the course of 5 days, featuring 55 international exhibitors from four continents and eighteen countries. There were 20 Breeder Program Galleries carefully selected by a curatorial panel, plus the crowd during the fair was intelligent and discerning.

Nicholas Chatfield-Taylor

Galleria Ghetta - Ortisei - Trompe l'oeil painting
(createing the optical illusion that the entire painting exists in three dimensions)

Gallery G-77 - Hirosima - Yuriko Yamamoto - "Flesh"
 installation creating shadow faces formed by broken cut crystal vases

Feminist Installation: "Cliteracy" at BAAMG + BURNE contemporary, ny 

Rebecca Belmore Odalisque - performance photo - the blood is made up of red beads, representing the trama suffered by the indigenous people of North America.

Sculpture at Scope's Entrance.

Artist Serra Victoria's "Bothwell Fels" construction

Vertical miniature diaramas of art exhibitions.
(side view)
Standing Pine - Cube - Montreal

Miniature diaramas
of art exhibitions
(back view)

Miniature diarama seen looking through the frame into the diagonal veiwing mirror.

Exterior Entrace Signage.

Brian Viveros' "Vicious" - Thinkspace L.A., CA

UNIX Fine Art - "Mao Zedong" - Father of Modern-Day China
"MIRRORED" 2 carved wood sculptures
separated by a wall - artist: Peter Demetz
White Room Gallery

production detail photo
 of sculpture's construction

"Our lack of vision is short sighted"
AHA gallery

"SEAsea Travel Diary 3+4" Hand painted Vases - Sheryo - YOK

"SEAsea Travel Diary 3+4" Preliminary Drawing for Vases

Detail of Vase - "SEAsea Travel Diary 3+4" - Sheryo - YOK

Andeken Gallery / Kallenbach Gallery Amsterdam
spray paint through stencils, paper, and acrylic paint on canvas 

Andeken Gallery / Kallenbach Gallery Amsterdam
detail - spray paint through stencils, paper and acrylic paint on canvas

Andeken Gallery / Kallenbach Gallery Amsterdam
close-up of technique
spray paint through stencils, paper and acrylic paint on canvas

Andeken Gallery /
Kallenbach Gallery Amsterdam
(graffiti inspired art)
spray paint through stencils, paper
and acrylic paint on canvas

Annette Sauermann "Lighttower" Concrete, plexiglas
with UV lights - C Grimaldis Gallery

Artist- Marck
"Neue Freiheit" Video Sculpture
metal, plastic & high def. video screen, movie loop
of swimmer interacting with the curved form.
Licht Feld Gallery

Chungjark Gallery, Seoul
Kim, Hee-Kyung - "Bloom No. 91" Korean Paper sculpture
Kim, Hee-Kyung -detail of Korean Paper sculpture

"It wasn't supposed to be this way."
Cashama - photo collage of one head
Chashama founder Anita Durst
and the head for photo montage
2-D light sculpture, other information unavailable

Shaka "Dream Catcher" Gallery Nine5, New York
oil, acrylic, spray paint + mixed media

by Sophia Collier 
water sculptures
Mechanical &
Hand Carved,
 Hand Polished
72" x 16" x 2"
edition of 3
Artist Sophia Collier / Sophia Collier Gallery, Sausalito, CA

Mechanical & Hand Carved, Hand Polished Acrylic

water sculptures

Small John Lennon Photo composes the large Elvis Photo

John Lennon Photo makes-up Elvis Photo

John Lennon Photo makes-up Elvis Photo.

Maria Rubinke
"Head of the Game"
Hans Alf Gallery

Parlor Gallery (Ashbury Park) Gallery Booth view

Willy Verginer
Carved Wood
with Acrylic Paint
White Room Gallery
Willy Verginer
back detail
Carved Wood/Acrylic Paint
White Room Gallery

"Secret Identity Series" - "Tim Drake"
by Simon Monk
Oil & Alkyds on Wood
Krause Gallery
All photography above was done with the permission of the galleries, at the time they were taken, and as an invited member of the press by fair management © Copyright 2013 Jack A. Atkinson

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