Monday, April 16, 2012

The Whitney Biennial 2012 "The ART" + "Untitled" Food at the Whitney

The 2012
Whitney Biennial
in pictures.
Presented here as
a visual exhibition -
few words.
Sarah Michelson searched for form
through the history of dance

Skype art conversations NY - Houston.

Artist Dawn Kasper moved her Studio into the museum and is living and working there.

Nick Mauss - "Concern, Crush, Desire" - cotton applique on velvet.

Sam Lewitt - "Fluid Employment" - Ferromagnetic liquid poured over plastic with magnetic elements and fans to help change direction of coils.

A new creation of art's classic nude.
The performance artist's nude figure is printed on every layer of her clothing. Allowing her to be both covered and exposed. 

Nicole Eisenman - "The Drawing Class" Oil & Charcoal on Canvas.

The 2012 Whitney Biennial
Runs through May 27th, 2012
with some programs continuing
through June 10, 2012.
Elisabeth Sussman and Jay Sanders Curators. 

The Whitney Museum
of American Art
945 Madison Ave. at 75th St.
NY, NY 10021
(For more information and an overview of the Whitney Biennial, 2012, please go to our original Whitney Biennial article.
At the Whitney Biennial

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(All photos in this issue were taken by Jack A. Atkinson.)
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  1. Jack, as always, I very much enjoy following you on your adventures and passion! Keep it up and thank you!