Sunday, April 8, 2012

Take a Tour of the New Art in Chelsea in 3 Issues Covering Spring Exhibitions

Gallery Openings in Chelsea attract collectors, museum curators, critics, other artists and art lovers from New York City, around the U.S. and around the world. 
At the opening of ZieherSmith's Paul Housley exhibit, click on (1), below, to view.*

To see Gallery opening for Mick Rock at CATM Gallery or for Paul Housley at ZieherSmith - click on (1) above.*

Click on (2), above, to view the opening at JACK SHAINMAN GALLERY
or the opening at the new FAMILY BUSINESS GALLERY.* 
FAMILY BUSINESS GALLERY - Click on (2), above, to view the show.

To view exhibitions currently at David Zwirner Gallery:
Fred Sandback's "Decades"
or Stan Douglas's "Disco Angola"
Click on (3), above.*
Gallery openings are the starting point of the collecting process, where artists present their work to the public, often for the first time. See a little of what is new for Spring 2012, in NYC.

The Mick Rock opening at CATM - Click on (1) to view.*

(Photo Sources: Website for & *Photos by Jack A. Atkinson © Copyright 2012)

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