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Ruth Marten at Hosfelt Gallery, Spring Openings Continue + A Pakistani Buffet

Ruth Marten
Strange Bedfellows
at Hosfelt Gallery, NYC
Through June 16, 2012

New York artist Ruth Marten is a "draftsman" more than a painter - she also creates conceptual sculptures. She has worn many hats as a NYC creative person, by doing illustrations for major magazines and as a major tattoo artist. The largest portion of THIS exhibition is made up of drawings over antique prints. These artworks have an edge to them, but are mostly playful, surrealistic fantasies. 

For several hundred years, printmakers created depictions of exotic and distant peoples, creatures and lands, usually having never seen what they depicted. Thus her point of departure (antique prints) have an odd and eccentric quality to start with, before she adds her random manipulations. Her contribution is very smoothly integreted into the original print, making it difficult to determine where the archival material leaves off and her hand begins.

The gallery was packed, shown is just one corner of the opening crowd.

Marten's sculptures are interesting and professionally presented - also in the realm of surrealism.

More Art by Ruth Martin is shown in our POSTSCRIPT section at the end of this issue.
hosfelt gallery is slightly off the beaten path, uptown about 6 blocks, from the Chelsea gallery district and just one block east of Javits Center.
531 W 36th Street
New York, NY 10018
t 212-563-5454
f 212-244-8566

(Sources: hosfelt gallery press release, conversations at the opening, the websites,, and information in an interview by Peggy Roalf in Design Arts Daily. Photos taken with permission, by Jack A. Atkinson - artworks maybe slightly cropped or at an angle to avoid reflections.)

A recent trend in urban culture is temporary "Pop-Up" shops and restaurants. Here is a "Pop-Up Gallery". This is basically a small trailer which is converted into a space to sit and display various artists works. "Art Moves, NYC Gallery" was parked at 14th Street and 7th Ave. and drawing quite a bit of attention.

Kashmir 9 
"Cuisine of Pakistan"
478 9th Ave. at 37th Street

After leaving hosfelt gallery, I wandered by the "Cuisine of Pakistan", on 9th. This family owned restaurant serves their native food, cafeteria style in a brightly-lit store front space with a few booths and tables. Mostly this a take-out restaurant - but it IS authentic. I had never eaten authentic Pakistani cuisine before and I enjoyed Kashmir 9 because it was so real, including the paper plates and plastic forks.

I told them of my inexperience with Pakistani food. They recommended that I try the flattened, savory, chickpea and ground chicken kebab, some yellow rice seasoned with cardamon, fresh tomato slices and some roasted peppers and onions, plus a sauce on the side. The whole meal was $10 including tax. They also serve lamb, goat, a chicken kebab sausage and several mixed vegetable dishes. Their nan is cooked fresh and served hot. The portions were generous and my meal was tasty and interesting. 

I now want to learn much more about Pakistani cuisine!

Notes: Pakistani dishes are known for having aromatic and sometimes spicy flavors, and some dishes often contain liberal amounts of oil which contributes to a richer, fuller mouthfeel and flavour. Brown cardamomgreen cardamomcinnamonclovesnutmegmace, and black pepper are the most commonly used spices in the making of a wide variety of dishes throughout Pakistan. Cumin seedschilli powderturmeric and bay leaves are also very popular. In the Punjab province it is further diluted with coriander powder. Garam masala (Aromatic spices) is a very popular blend of spices used in many Pakistani dishes.

(Sources: A visit to the restaurant and Wikipedia.)

Until later,

More art by Ruth Martin & a Bio:

Ruth Marten was born in and currently resides in NYC. From 1972 until 1980 she was a part of the tattoo underground and one of the few women practicing the craft during the disco and punk era. She performed her work as a tattoo artist during the 10th Biennale de Paris in 1977. For many years she has illustrated books, magazines, and album covers. This love of the printed image is the inspiration behind her current work of over-drawing and collage. Her book "Histoire un-Naturelle" shows her 17 year obsession with hair. She is represented in many collections including a recent acquisition by the de Young Museum in San Francisco.


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