Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A MOMENT OF CLARITY IS THE RAREST GIFT WE GET ON THIS PLANET. Identify your audience as an artist.

(Editor's Note: This paragraph from "The Profitable Artist" seems an important guide for all artist in this world, who are currently lost as to how to find representation and how to know who may be interested in their specific type of artworks.)

From the book: 
"The Profitable Artist" 
compiled by NAFTA
(the New York Foundation for the Arts)

(An excerpt from The Profitable Artist, edited for length) 
Once you identify the artists in the genre you relate to, identify the venues, galleries and any other outlets that work with them, then the writers and press who cover them. Check the sales prices and the websites of the venues, and determine from photos, or actual data you can find online, what the age, gender, type of people (hipster vs business dress) attend the events at these venues. If the artists or venues have a FB fan page, blog, Instagram, Pinterest, website, etc. take it all in. Observe the turnout in the photos, the reactions in their postings, and if a comment is identified by name, google them for social media interests. If you find keywords, google those to find organizations that may help you: groups, associations or societies. Most organizations have annual events to socialize, network and support the organization. Attend! 

Become a part of the crowd you want to associate yourself within.

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