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"GUERNICA" in LEGOS + Food: Farmer's Market Dinner Salad


Veronica Watson, of the Legoland Discovery Center at the Ridge Hill megamall in Westchester, New York, crafted a Lego version of Picasso’s “Guernica” painted in 1937Watson used 800 LEGO bricks to painstakingly build Picasso's cubist painting, the Lego version is seven inches tall and 14.5 inches wide.

(Source: Images courtesy LEGOLAND Discovery Center Westchester)

Picasso was born on October 25, 1881. He would have celebrated his 133rd birthday this past weekend. The original painting of "Guernica" (below) depicts the horrors of the Spanish civil war.

Guernica - Probably Picasso's most famous work, this painting is certainly the his most powerful political statement, created as an immediate reaction to the Nazi's devastating casual bombing of the Basque town of Guernica during Spanish Civil War. Guernica shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon individuals, particularly innocent civilians. (Photo source: 

The Lego version of "Guernica"
LEGOLAND Discovery Center.
For more information on Picasso's "Guernica" go to the following link:

Farmer's Market
Dinner Salad

Handful of mixed Field Greens
1 Heirloom Tomato (Med-large)
1 Med. English Cucumber (peeled and sliced into medallions)
1 Red Bell Pepper (diced)
1 Small Eggplant (peeled & cubed)
1 large Portobello Mushroom cap (diced)
Vinaigrette Dressing
Salt & Pepper
Bacon Bits (optional)

Serves 2

• Wash all ingredients before slicing.
• Cut tomato 3/8 inch per slice and place on the two plates.
• Dice the mushroom, place in skillet, add a pinch of salt and pepper - sauté in a little olive oil until tender. Remove from heat and distribute over the tomato slices.
(NOTE: leave the center of the plate clear for the greens.)
• Peel and cube the eggplant. Place cubes in the skillet with a sprinkle of salt, pepper and olive oil until soft. (After 2 minutes - cover and cook over a low heat, stirring from time to time, so they will soften more quickly) Divide the eggplant between the two plates.
• Peel and slice the cucumber (English cucumbers do not need to be seeded). Divide and place on the edge of the plates.
• Dice the red bell pepper and sprinkle over the other vegetables.
• Place selected mixed field greens in the center of the plate.
• Dress the vegetables with a splash of vinaigrette dressing and some bacon bits (I actually prefer the condiment bacon bits made from soybeans.)
 Serve with white wine and a wedge of toasted, warm artisanal bread.
(Source: Atkinson Family Cookbook)

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