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New City, Japanese Art Fair 2014 + Juicy Energy Smoothies

Jumpei Yamamuro, "Landscape in Somewhere" oil on canvas, Gallery TEN


New City Art Fair

The New City Art Fair was a small fair which took place during Armory Arts Week NYC 2014, in an upper-floor gallery at 529 West 20th Street (Chelsea Arts District), Manhattan. The fair exclusively featured Japanese artists and galleries.

New City Japanese Fair's Gallery Displays

New City Japanese Fair's patrons look at the artworks.

Katsunori Kobayashi, "5 round bottles" 2013, wood & natural pigments

Kazuko Kaneda, " No. 34" 2013. Japanese Ink on paper, Gallery TEN
Paintings using flat color and black line.

Saduma Asuka, "Doodle Drawings", brown ink on paper (mounted).

Sakuma Asuka, brown ink drawings, detail.

Shintaro Miyake at Tomio Koyama Gallery
Shintaro Miyake (detail of wall drawing) at Tomio Koyama Gallery

Shintaro Miyake artwork detail.

Christophe Coppens, "Rabbit Mountain Toy" 

Tskato Yamamoto, "Contemplation", pencil cartoon drawn for a painting.

Yayoi Kusama, "infinity Nets" 1998, acrylic on canvas, $65,000.
Yayoi Kusama, "Nets", acrylic on canvas, 1998, $75.000.

Yayoi Kusama, "Untitled" 1985, mixed media, 4.1" x 3.9".

Yayoi Kusama, Lithograph, collage, $65,000.

Yoshiyuki OOE, "Flower Head #2" 2013, mixed media, TezukayaMa GalleRy

Kouzo Takeuchi, "Modern Remains Glacier" 2013, porcelain.

Takao Sakai, "Beards", seeds and lacquer.

Tomoyuki Ueno, "Elements of National Anthems", 2014, ink jet print.
Tomoyuki Ueno - detail - "Elements of National Anthems", 2014, ink jet print.
Yoshiyuki OOE, "Who Owns It", 2011, mixed media.

Toshiyuki Shibakawa, "Beckoning Cat (Good Luck)" large and small, mixed media corroded by chemicals.

Yasuo Nomura, "Method for Namiura - Structure and Power" 2014, acrylic and silicone on panel.
(Source: All photos taken with permission 
by Jack A. Atkinson © Copyright 2014)



Need a boost? Why not try a energy fruit smoothie, especially great as breakfast. What a way to start your day!

The Vision Finder
Carrots, beets, celery and citrus trio (orange, lemon and lime juice trio) – great for the eyes. 

Feel the Burn
Carrots, ginger, apple and orange (ginger is a natural antibiotic)

Oats Blend 
(breakfast on the go)
Raw oats, berries, banana and skim milk.

Flax Energizer
Banana, silken tofu, milk, cocoa powder, flax seed.

Green Goddess
Peeled cucumber, green apple, celery and lots of lime juice – helps
heartburn and digestion.

Green Zing
Green pepper, arugula,celery, green apple, parsley and ginger.

Rasta Frappe
Pineapple, citrus trio (orange, lemon and lime juice trio), mint and crushed ice.

Kizel’s “Monkey’s Bite”
Banana, peanut butter, milk and crushed ice.

Tropical Delight
Sweet peppers, carrot, pumpkin, pineapple, guava and citrus trio (orange, lemon and lime juice trio) 
great source of vitamins and calcium. 

(All drinks can be made with whole, skim milk, or soy milk. Protein powder can be added to any drink. Source: Cafe Med) 
Until Later,  

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