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INDEPENDENT art fair - European Contemporary Art Featured - Armory Arts Week NYC 2014 + Julia Child's Perfect Menu (meal)

An artist, deconstructing her wooden sculpture.
The remains of a work undone.
The decapitated woodsman, screams in pain.
art fair, 2014
(Armory Arts Week issue #3)

The INDEPENDENT art fair was mostly an exotic stroll through contemporary European Art Galleries, along with all of Europe's sophistication. Much of the art was so edgy, you dare not ask about the meaning or what the artist might be trying to accomplish, so as not to appear bourgeois or too "American" to get it. 

Simply enjoy this inexpensive trip to Europe, the edge of high end art, with the visual delights and aesthetic challenges these artworks, at the INDEPENDENT, presented us this year.

The art crowd at the INDEPENDENT this year.

There were some very good New York Galleries included in the INDEPENDENT art fair also and they were showing artists on the edge, too.

Antoine Catala "Logo for Self-Improvement"
wood, pump, electronics, tubing, silicone rubber, paint, Resin.

Antoine Catala (& Dan Graham, text) "A Dolphin's Smile" collage.

Apt. 302 - String Drawing - Le Corbusier's Cite Radieuse Marseille.

Broadway 1602

Burn painting, detail.

Burn paintings.

Campoli Presti Gallery

Ceramic sculpture

Ceramic sculpture on metal sculpted pedistal.

Ceramic work, on a display shelf.

Chto Delat? - "Knowledge is Power, 2011, mixed textiles.

Clement Rodzielski, Untitled, 2014,
Paint on wood. small sculptures
Campoli Presti Gallery

David Ostrowski
F (a thing is a thing in a whole which it's not) 2014
Acrylic and lacquer on canvas

David Ostrowski F (Love, Sex and War) 2014
acrylic, lacquer, dirt and cotton on canvas, wood.

Floor sculpture made of wire and lights.

Floor sculpture.

Galleria Franco Noero

Gaudel de Stampa painting.

Gaudel de Stampa painting.

Gaudel de Stampa painting.

Gaudel de Stampa painting.

Moving Sculpture

Anonymous, "Untitled" mixed media on paper 37.5 x 28.5 cm

Andrew Kreps Gallery
Honza Zamojski 

Andrew Kreps Gallery
Honza Zamojski 

Andrew Kreps Gallery
Honza Zamojski 

Andrew Kreps Gallery
Honza Zamojski 

Gavin Brown's Enterprises
Found Prints m
ounted under thick plex
Gavin Brown's Enterprises
Found Prints m
ounted under thick plex

Gavin Brown's Enterprises
Found Prints m
ounted under thick plex

Gio Marconi at Neue Alte Brucke

Gio Marconi at Neue Alte Brucke

Hanging sculpture

Hanging sculpture, close-up

Ignacio Liprandi

Installation "I'm in Miami bitch"

Jacob Kassay "Untitled (Radikal) 2013 10 lithographs edition of 2 

Julia Wachtel "Champagne Life" Oil, lacquer ink and flashe on canvas - 5 panels

Julia Wachtel, "Girl" 3 panels

Karma Gallery, close up of singular painting

Karma Gallery, overview of their display

Kerry Schuss Gallery
Martos Gallery - wooden floor sculpture

Maccorone Modern Art (detail)

Meyer Riegger Gallerie

Office Baroque painting

 Reality Print - Boxers & Jeans

 Reality Print - Winter Vest (rubbing)

Real Fine Arts - painting

Richard Nonas, McCaffrey Fine Art

Roman Singer - Grand Piano - fans - ping pong ball (blown up and down the strings)

Ramiken Crucible - salad in aspic (resin sculpture)

Sewn drawing & type

Spruth Magers - Berlin London
Alexandre Singh - Vernon Montgomery Spruce
bronze #2/3 + 2AP

Spruth Magers - Berlin London
Alexandre Singh
"N.2014" detail of photo print #2of3

The Box Gallery - Floor Sculpture

The Modern Institute

Tomas Espina - Gunpowder on paper

Instalation (other information unavailable)

Valentina Liernur - #1 Interior Paulista (White and Crude) 2013 acrylic on canvas

Valentina Liernur - #6 Interior Paulista - denim and pink - acrylic on canvas
Campoli Presti Gallery

Vilma Gold

Flavin site specific lights in staircase

The Independent Art Fair
As usual with this fair, very little of the art was clearly marked and it was unclear where one gallery's artworks stopped and the next gallery's work started. For these reasons many captions have incomplete information, if incorrect, please let us know and a correction will be made.

Julia Child's Perfect Meal

Once Julia Child was asked if she could sit down to her favorite meal for each course, what would the menu be? The following was her answer.

- Caviar, Russian vodka sauce, and oysters with Pouilly-Fuisse wine

- Foie Gras
- French Bread 

- Pan-roasted Duck with onion and Chanterelle Mushrooms
- Pomieres (potatoes) Anna and Fresh Asparagus

1962 Romanee-Conti

- French Bread with Roquefort and Brie

- Sorbet with walnut cake
+ créme brûlée
+ ripe pears and green tea. 

Until Later,  

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