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How do artists, writers, actors, singers and musicians get a minimum wage job & live in NYC? + Hot Dogs!

Furnished room (1 chair + dresser drawers) space to make a pallet and sleep.
Bushwick, Brooklyn. $1075.00


Here is a quick post just for fun.
How DO artists, writers, actors, singers and musicians get a minimum wage job & STILL live in NYC?

Here is a link to some of NYC's most humble living quarters in the Blog:





One of four sleeping nooks - share bathroom & fridge - basement level.
(Do you really need to see inside the rooms?)
East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. $1249.00

Rent a bed  (2 bunk beds) share small room with three others. Female only!
“The space is small, but the rent is only $649 per month”
Upper West Side, Manhattan.
Air Space bedroom, over another's loft bedroom
Williamsburg, Brooklyn. $750.00
Downside: You cannot stand up!


VIDEOS about living in small spaces (more upscale):

(above) $800 per month for 78 sq. feet. Midtown Manhattan.

Graham Hill's experimental lab for small apartment living.
If you have options, buy a small 450 sq. ft. condo that will allow work. (All condos have rules, so check! Also many apts. for sale in Manhattan are COOP buildings with extreme control over what you can do and even if they want you as their neighbor.) OR get a long lease on an apt. and if it doesn't bother you to spend thousands of dollars improving someone else's investment - below is a great solution.

More on Graham Hill's project - from the beginning...

ABC news feature on small apartment living.
(Link http://youtu.be/7wBnMVwsFS8)

An America's favorite:
"The Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile"
There is always a new model
driving around America somewhere! 

It is best not ot think about hot dogs too much or the realization of what you are actually eating my enter youconsciousness. And yet salty, savory hot dogs are so delicious and you can eat them with one hand, so we forget all of the bad and eat our hot dogs - mostly in the summer!

In a recent taste test here are the BEEF wiener winners!

#1: Nathan's Beef Franks With Natural Casings (Recommended)
Comments: "A fine standard." "Enjoyable. Perfect level of sweetness." "Beefy." "Salty and garlicky." "Lightly flavored." 

#2: Sabrett Skinless Beef Frankfurters (Recommended)
Comments: "Very skinny, very salty. Would hold up well to a nice spicy mustard." "Pleasant -- good texture." "Very chewy." "It's got a lot of snap." 

#3: Applegate Farms: The Great Organic Beef Hot Dog (Recommended)
Comments: "Love this -- almost has a sausage-like flavor." "Oh-so-slight spice." "Has a soy sauce-like taste." "Lots of spices." "Tastes of crushed red peppers." 

#4: Nathan's Skinless Beef Franks
Comments: "Sweet! Is there sugar in here?" "Very sweet." "Good salty-sweet combination." "Overly sweet but would be enjoyable with salty toppings." 

#5: Boar's Head
Comments: "This has some serious snap." "A great standard hot dog." "Good, but a little too greasy." "Salty and gristly, unfortunately." 

#6: Hebrew National 97% Fat Free Beef Franks
Comments: "Soft and limp." "The texture seems very processed." "Soft and slimy texture." "Pleasantly different from the rest. Less overly-spiced." 

#7: Oscar Mayer Classic Beef Franks
Comments: "A little on the salty side, but still good." "Nice smoky sweetness." "Good snap." 

#8: Woodson and James Skinless
Comments: "Seriously heavy flavor." "Strong hot dog aftertaste." "Very tender." "Weird orange color, but better flavor." "A typical hot dog -- I'd grill it." 

#9: Coleman
Comments: "Is this breakfast sausage? I love it anyway." "Deeper flavor than most." "Vinegar-like taste." "A little bit sour." "More like breakfast sausage than a hot dog." 

#10: Kobe Beef America
Comments: "Lackluster, but a good vehicle for toppings." "Great saltiness." "Smoky and salty. Very classic." "Like rubber." "Tastes 'beefy' but not like a hot dog." 

#11: Ball Park Deli Style Beef Franks
Comments: "Too bland and bologna-like." "Nice layer of salt." "Not much flavor." "Slightly sweet." "Tastes like a cheap hot dog. Not bad, but not great." 

#12: Ball Park Beef Franks
Comments: "Very bologna-like." "Feels like it would be fabulous grilled." "What is this?" "Too salty." 

#13: Ball Park Angus Beef Franks
Comments: "Spicy and heavily meaty." "Weird artificial taste." "Too salty and strange." "Awful sponge-like texture." "A little scary to chew through." 

#14: Woodson & James Angus Beef Natural Casing
Comments: "I like the taste, but not the strange orange color." "Tastes like dog food." 

#15: Hebrew National Beef Franks
Comments: "I can actually see white pieces of fat when I bite in -- you lost me there." "Chewy, awful and mushy." "Not flavorful and very soft." "Strange, mealy texture." "Tastes like beef jerky, with strange granules of fat in it." 

Until later,
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