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Newest Digital Video Artists in NYC + Roberta's Pizza "DELIVERS" in Bushwick

The still images in this article are from the internet promotions posted for the exhibition.
Searching for
the Origin of "NEW ART" 
at the Edge of Society
Who is creating art before it becomes a headline? Where is today's epicenter of "NEW ART" in the art capitol of the world, New York City?

An exhibition
video art from the underground
Curated by Crichton Atkinson 
@ "Nothing" space / Bushwick / Brooklyn. 

Last night (Feb. 27, 2013), in what was just a few years ago and still is very much today, a warehouse district which includes industrial storage lots full of abandoned trucks and heavy equipment, there was an exhibition of "underground" art videos.

Whatever the art form: writing, film, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, new media, digital output, digital video, digital 3D printing, graffiti, dance, theater, singing, music, etc. - all of the arts are incubated today in the north-west tip of Brooklyn, along the East River. Some areas, arguably, are more fertile than others, ie: Dumbo, Williamsburg, Green Point and Bushwick, but every area shown above is contributing to the current generation of arts, in a huge way. Park Slope has been an upscale community for some time, but every time artists move into a depressed area of New York City, the real estate values eventually increase. Already the rents in Dumbo and Williamsburg are soaring.

Exhibition Curator Crichton Atkinson.
Curator Crichton Atkinson
and her partner Joel Clark.

Apparition or Illumination @ "Nothing" space in Bushwick, was a big (one-night) happening of an art exhibition. The art space was filled with young hipster art types. 

Signage for the exhibition.
A list of the titles (videos shown) and the artists who produced them is below.

A video is showing in the darkened space.

The above video (Monologues for Orpheus) is not a still but the complete work from the exhibition, provided courtesy of the artist.

(The exhibition: Apparition or Illumination was conceived, produced and curated by Crichton Atkinson, who is also a video artist. Joel Clark was the technical set-up, sound & projection supervisor. Editor's note: The exhibition Apparition or Illumination was produced by a relative of the editor. Photos used in this issue were taken by Jack A. Atkinson, with permission.)

Roberta's Pizza
One great wood fired Margarita pizza in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Around the corner from the above exhibition is another fabulous reason to go to Bushwick: Roberta's Pizza at 261 Moore Street. The locals refer to the small area of youthful shops and restaurants near the MTA Subway "Morgan L-Train Stop" as being "ON CAMPUS".

Roberta's is run by and feeds the hipsters of the neighborhood on communal tables and in a lively, comfortable and rustic atmosphere. This place is the Millennium Generation's "Coffee Shop in The Village of the 1950's & 60's".

Pizzas are featured at Roberta's.
Roberta's open kitchen and wood fired pizza oven.
Everyone working at Roberta's is pleasant, seems happy and the service is attentive. 

The menu is simple: 
A Romaine Salad + Cheese Plate + Cured Meats Plate
Soft Drinks + Canned Beers + a Cider
Margherita + 7 Others or Custom Toppings + a Calzone + InVolto
(There is free delivey to the HOOD only.)

Roberta's is also listed in many guides to the city, because the area attracts multitudes of art tourists who have come to see the fabulous changing Street Art (graffiti) on the walls up and down Moore Street. 

Some of the "Street Art" next to Roberta's is shown below and changes weekly.

The Neighborhood - Lofts for Rent.

Roberta's - 261 Moore St., 
Bushwick Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 417-1118 
Hours: Monday - Friday 6pm til 11pm
Saturday - Sunday noon til 11pm

Until later,

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