Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thoughts on Thoughts and the High End Art Market!

This is the first issue of ARTS&FOOD  the blog, which I think of more as a weekly mini magazine. Enjoy and tell your friends about it. Now, let's have some fun!

Last night there was a very impressive contemporary art auction at Sotheby's NYC. Many works bought by collectors over the past 40 years from galleries or the artists themselves came up for auction for the first time. Warhol's Large Coca-Cola sold last night for $35.3 million coming on the heels of  NYC's Phillips de Pury's sale of an Elizabeth Taylor Warhol on Monday for $63.3 million. The collector who sold the Warhol Coca-Cola painting bought it for $143,000 in 1983 (probably had buyer's remorse at the time and felt they had overpaid). The high-end secondary market for art has indeed come back and is robust, this is a good sign for everyone and for the economy. For the retail art market to come back, the high end must come back first. $224 million + commissions were transferred by the end of the evening at Sotheby's. This was an exciting auction because of the name artists on the block: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Gerhard Richter, Frances Bacon, DeKooning, Rothko, Gorky, Larry Rivers, Chamberlain, etc. etc. Good news for a change!

Yesterday I read in the New York Times that science may soon be able to see memories. Each experience we have creates a new "PKMzeta molecule" in our brain. Biologist will soon be able to track these molecules  in each individual brain. Block the molecule, the memory goes away. (I think there was a sci-fi movie about erasing memories, it could be a good thing for post traumatic stress victims or a very evil thing if used to manipulate people. Hummmm?) Anyway - it does prove that THOUGHTS ARE INDEED THINGS, as we have heard from so many motivational speakers!

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