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Jersey City, NJ's MILLION $ VIEWS, A Perk for the Fourth Estate* on the Left Bank* of the Hudson

The View Out My Studio Window
(updated picture November 2014)

"ART is beauty experienced!"-Jack A. Atkinson
An Essay
By Jack A. Atkinson
The View Out My Studio Window
(Photo taken November 13, 2010)

It's 7ish on Saturday morning, November 13, 2010.

I have drawn the scene out of my studio window on the west bank of the Hudson several times and have taken many photos of it. It is beautiful, so this morning I want to describe in words my typical morning experience.

I am drinking strong, dark coffee with a splash of milk out of a bowl, in the French style. I have been up since 5:30 am watching the beauty of this clear morning. First the river turned an incredible indigo blue before the sunrise and the SKY? - it also was a deep indescribable shade of blue with a singular star, I think Venus. From an artist's point of view, I am interested in the contrasting orange of the sunrise blending into the deep blue of the sky. In black silhouette is Manhattan's skyline still dotted by thousands of window lights and classical radio fills my room in Jersey City, skillful hands are playing a Chopin piano masterpiece!

Morning unfolds: the NY Harbor, the Verrazano-Narrows Suspension Bridge and the Statue of Liberty all begin to glow orange. The horizontal sunlight creates an optimistic shine on Lady Liberty. Her torch of welcome is not casually held above her, but has a confident and defiant posture, thrust as high as possible! A huge, white cruise ship is cutting a sweeping arch through the harbor for the mandatory statue photo op before heading past the mountains and canyons of lower Manhattan then up the Hudson to the Chelsea Piers. The statue, sculpted in an elegant French romantic style, dominates the bay. Her presence and beacon originally intended to greet immigrants, now greets mostly tourists and international cargo crews waiting to unload in NJ before returning to sea. 

NY Harbor is actually a bay much like San Francisco, where fresh water rivers swirl into a bowl, mixing with the salt water of the Atlantic. I recently read that a landscape view quickly becomes bland unless there is some sort of movement. Back and forth, the Staten Island Ferry provides constant movement, but this water has many personalities. The giant scale of the military vessels and cruise ships are awe inspiring on the Hudson, especially beautiful is the majestic QM2 which docks across the Harbor in Red Hook - on weekends the sailboats are nostalgic as they tilt through the water - and the frenetic dance of water taxies add excitement on workday mornings. I enjoy seeing their grid of white wakes, it reminds me of a Brice Mardin painting. 

Today the water is serene and tranquil, New York is an island of dense towers to the east and centered in my south facing window, the largest sculpture in the city, The Statue of Liberty. 

What I am seeing and enjoying is seldom seen by New Yorkers. It is as dramatic and beautiful as any priceless work of art in the museums. This view from New Jersey's often underrated environs, is truly one of the great views of the world and today, again, it's mine - just outside my studio window!

In the topmost headline *The Fourth Estate refers to writers and artist who are not: (1) from Wealthy Connected Families, (2) a member of the Respected Clergy nor (3) part of the Silent Majority, but are (4) creative and talented people who have gained influence by shaping the opinions of the world. In the past it was accomplished through the press and printed materials, now its through both traditional media and digital distribution or by becoming widely known for individual talent, thus receiving press coverage. * The Left Bank or "Rive Gauche" traditionally refers to the 1890's Paris of artists, writers and philosophers, members of the great artistic community at Montparnasse, here it refers to 21st century Jersey City, NJ. on the west (left) bank of the Hudson, River.

Manhattan at sunset taken from my window.

Statue of Liberty at sunrise taken from my window.

Manhattan at sunrise taken from my window.

Wall Street Eats

The Wall Street Burger Shoppe, a restaurant in lower Manhattan's financial district at 30 Water Street, receives mixed reviews for food and service, EXCEPT FOR THIS MENU ITEM:
The $175 Richard Nouveau Burger: prime kobe beef, grilled and topped with aged gruyere, shaved black truffles, foie gras and golden truffle mayonnaise.

A review about Wall Street Burger Shoppe found on the internet.
"I had the sanity to decide to pay $175 for the Richard Nouveau burger to the ridicule and banter from my co-workers but I regret not one nano-second of is, without doubt, the best tasting anything to ever be ingested by me...I haven't tried any of there other items but this was an absolute gem..and I got it TO GO!... you have to call a day in advance to ensure they have all the ingredients."

Until later,

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