Friday, May 5, 2017

Maryam Alakbarli, Beauty as seen by a Down Syndrome Artist

Maryam Alakbarli, "Imitation of Van Gogh", 2015

Maryam Alakbarli
Gentleness in shapes and colors.

Artists portray what they see and think using their natural talents. Maryam Alakbarli may be the most authentic artist painting in a naive style today. Her oil paintings are "Contemporary Art" at its best, with figures and objects reduced to shapes of color and perception, but there is no doubt as to what the viewer sees on the canvas or paper.

Maryam Alakabarli was born on July 4, 1991 in Baku, Azerbaijan with Down Syndrome. She has received art instruction to learn about other artist like Van Gogh and Gauguin and how to used paint and art supplies, but her style is a unique and natural vision of the world as her eyes and hand want to portray it. Maryam has had dozens of art exhibitions since 2010, the latest being her selection as one of the artists shown by Gallerie Bruno Massa, Paris, in their booth at the recent "CONTEXT New York" art fair.

"Her painting is feeling. There isn't a single brush stroke that isn't connected to her. There is no affectation, no arrogance, no sentimentality, only the state of grace that sometimes exists in children. Neither composition nor perspective hold any fears for Maryam. Intuition outweighs technique...." - Juliette Binoche

Maryam Alakbarli, "By listening to Shostakovich", 2016

Maryam Alakbarli, "Carmen", 2016

Maryam Alakbarli, "Dream", 2016

Maryam Alakbarli,
"Elosie portrait in red-yellow dress", 2016

Maryam Alakbarli, "Flowers for Madamoiselle", 2016

Maryam Alakbarli, "Friends", 2016

Maryam Alakbarli, "On a walk", 2015

Maryam Alakbarli, "On the balcony", 2016

Maryam Alakbarli, "On the sofa", 2016

Maryam Alakbarli, "Portrait of a lady from Charpentier", 2013

Maryam Alakbarli, "Portrait of Geraldine", 2015

Maryam Alakbarli, "Red man", 2016

Maryam Alakbarli, "Summer holiday", 2015
Maryam Alakbarli, "Three Graces", 2016

Maryam Alakbarli, "Variations on Gauguin's Themes", 2015

Maryam Alakbarli, "Variations", 2014
Cover of "MARYAM - Art Brut figuratif"
A partial catalog of Maryam Alakbarli artworks.

(Source: images provided via brochure by Gallerie Bruno Massa, Paris, published with permission.)

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