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As artists, we are generally undisciplined people, unfortunately relying on self-discipline to make our life's work actually happen. Here are a few pointers to read and execute if success is to be in your future!

• When you say “NO” to unimportant things, you have more time for important things: family, friends and creating the art you were put on this planet to create! Say “NO” more often.
• Love is the essence of Life, Religion and Great Work.
• Complaining is draining. Blaming is draining. Explaining is draining. We don’t have enough inner plumbing for all that draining.

• When gardening, 1% of the seeds you plant will produce 50% of the flowers. Plant lots of seeds.

• You actually do nothing in this world alone.

• Celebrate small successes, overnight success takes 10 to 20 years.

• Enjoy solving difficult problems - if you can find a diamond in a field of mud, you’re going to end up with lots of diamonds in life.

• Make a list of the 25 things you want to accomplish in life. Now pick just 5 and forget the other 20, they will only take away your time from the 5 most important! 

• Write down 10 ideas a day. See what happens. Wow!

• Follow up with people you run into. Send a note or email the next day. How hard is this? In the future don’t be lazy or shy!
• New ideas are often buried in “questions”!
• Improve 1% a day. Whatever you want to improve upon, work to make it just 1% better everyday. Compounded over time you cannot help but be great at it.
• Focus on right now! Both Anxiety about the Future... and Regret about the Past... only steal energy from the Present!
• Sleep is one of the secrets to a great life. Figure this one out.
• Life is lived on a cellular level. Sweat for at least 30 minutes everyday, eat your veggies and limit salt, sugar and fat.
• Remember what you loved as a kid! It’s rejuvenating and creativity resides there.
• Give yourself permission to be wrong, from time to time. Hey "it" happens! 
– Never be a Perfectionist, it will make your life miserable!
– Never settle for Good!
– BE Extraordinary!  Extraordinary is achievable in all aspects of ART!
Do all of these and be delivered to the "Promised Land of ART!"
(Source: Adapted from James Altucher: 20 Habits)

Talk like a
New Orleanian!

When you visit New Orleans for their great food, you need to know how to speak their language. Below is how the locals pronounce words you may not understand.
NOTE: However they pronounce things on NCIS New Orleans, don’t say it like that!

New Orleans = NOO orleens (or NAW-lins)

Orleans Avenue = OR-leens

Étouffée = Et tu, Fay (like Caesar would have said if his girlfriend Fay had stabbed him)

Last Name Hebert = A-bear

Lake Pontchartrain = pon-cha-train

Beignets = Ben-yay (s) (pillowy powdered sugar-coated doughnuts)

Café au lait = Calf-A-OLE’ (the coffee you drink with beignets)

Chartres Street = Charter Street (Don’t go all French on this one! Not "schart")

Rue Toulouse = ROO TOO-loos  (In the French Quarter a street is a Rue)

Esplanade = Xplanade

Vieux Carre = VOO-kar-A

Mardi Gras = MAR-di-GRA

Krewe = KROO (Mardi Gras parade societies)

Tchoupitoulas Street - CHOP-ah-TOO-luh or CHAP-ah-TOO-luh

Foot Long Deli Sandwich = PO-boy

Mayonnaise =  MY-naz or MY-uh-naz 

Muffuletta Sandwich - muff-uh-LETTA or MUFF-a-LOTTA (Round bread with cold cuts and gobs of Italian olive spread)

Thibodaux Louisiana = TIBA-dough (town due west of N.O.)

The Faubourg Marigny neighborhood = MAR-uh-knee (drop the Faubourg, nobody says it)

The Treme neighborhood = TRIM-A

Tujague’s Restaurant  = TOO-jacks (been around for 160 years)

Praline = PRAY-leen (N.O. dialect) or Praw-leen (Southern)

Pecan = P-can (N.O. dialect) P-con (Southern) 

Carondelet Street = Kare-ahn-deh-LAY

Calliope = kal-EYE-oh-P

Burgundy Street = BUH-gun-dee

Ambulance = AM-boo-lance

(Source: From the Times-Picayune Newspaper of Greater New Orleans)

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