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Artwalk NY 2015 Honorees Alec & Hilaria Baldwin, Richard Gere, Patricia Conin and Deborah Kass
NY 2015

Every year The Coalition for The Homeless, in New York City, sponsors an art event to raise money for their cause. Many great artists over the past two decades have donated fabulous art and their time.

Recently the NYC Coalition held their annual gala honoring Alec & Hilaria Baldwin, Richard Gere and the art couple: Patricia Conin and Deborah Kass to raise money for the Coalition. This past November 17th, the Metropolitan Pavilion transformed into a sleek Chelsea gallery space with works of art by Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha, Jenny Holzer, Louise Fishman, Patrical Conin / Glenn Ligon and many other artists great and emerging being sold in live and silent auctions. All proceeds will help the Coalition to give aid to the homeless residents of New York City.

Art included in
the live auction:

Andy Warhol
Uncle Sam, from Myths (F. & S. IIB.259), 1981
Screenprint in colors with diamond dust
38″ x 38″
Value: $30,000
Courtesy of Victor Ozeri

Deborah Kass
Daddy, 2013
Acrylic on canvas
46″ x 46″
Value: $75,000
Courtesy of Deborah Kass and Paul Kasmin Gallery

Ed Ruscha
Three Quarters, 2015
Dry pigment and acrylic on paper
7.5” x 11-1/8”
Value: $45,000
Courtesy of the artist

Glenn Ligon
Study for Negro Sunshine # 103, 2012
Oil stick, coal dust on paper
12″ x 9″
Value: $25,000
Courtesy of the artist

Jenny Holzer
Living Series: When someone is breathing on you..., 1981
Hand-painted enamel on metal sign: black on white
21″ x 23″ x 1/16″
Value: $60,000
Courtesy of the Artist

Kasper Sonne
TXCAWNY15, 2015
Industrial paint and chemicals on canvas, in aluminum frame
60” x 48” x 2”
Value: $16,500
Courtesy the artist

Louise Fishman
Untitled, 2000
Water color and ink on paper
Value: $8,000
Courtesy the Artist c/o Cheim & Read, New York

Pat Steir
Untitled, 2008
Oil on Canvas
12” x 12” x 2”
Value: $20,000
Courtesy of the Artist

Patricia Cronin
Canto VI: Circle Three, The Gluttons, 2010
Watercolor on Paper
64″ x 46″ x 2.5”
Value: $25,000
Courtesy of Patricia Cronin
Serious business 
was mixed
with fun!

During the revelry Alec Baldwin joked, “Richard Gere has been pressing his body against women for many years now, going back to ‘American Gigolo….”  On the serious side, both Gere and Baldwin had strong words to say about the gentrification of New York City and the homelessness problem. “Look at what’s happened to Brooklyn,” said Baldwin. “People who live in Brooklyn can now rightfully snicker at people who live in Manhattan. To them, Manhattan is like Beverly Hills now. Like, ‘oh, you live in Manhattan, you live in the village - how quaint’. And Queens is next, and the Bronx is next. They’re going to go up there and tear every building in the Bronx down and build that up, too…. The New York City subway has a fixed fare for a reason,” he continued. “…To bring working-class residents into the heart of 212 to work every day. Now where are those people going to go, 15 or 20 years from now? Rockland? Dutchess County? Columbia County? We have to maintain a certain kind of infrastructure here (NYC) for middle-class people to live in the city.” 
(Although heard by ARTSnFOOD reporter in the moment, exact Alec Baldwin quotes are from WWD article by Ally Betker)

ABOUT The Coalition
for the Homeless
in NYC:

Homelessness in major cities in the US is at near-record levels. Each night in New York City, more than 59,000 New Yorkers, including 24,000 children, bed down in homeless shelters. While most homeless families and some homeless individuals simply need an affordable place to call home, the most costly subset of homeless New Yorkers are people coping with mental illness, substance abuse and chronic illnesses that, left unaddressed, will keep them cycling in and out of shelters, hospital beds and institutions.

As an advocate  for the homeless, the Coalition has long said the city needs at least 30,000 supportive units (apartments) with social services for people whose mental illnesses, addictions and other problems make them extremely vulnerable to returning to the street. This week New York City Mayor de Blasio’s joined forces with the Coalition and announced his support for building 15,000 new apartment units for the homeless and mentally ill in New York City.

(Source: ARTSnFOOD staff attending the event, Art images are from The Coalition for the Homeless' webside, exact quotes by Alec Baldwin were referenced from WWD.)

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