Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Future Isn't What It Used to Be! Advertising Artwork from the 1950's + FOOD: Avocado with Spicy Sauce

The mom, daughter and dog (in their flying saucer),
 head home to be greeted by the father and son at the mid-century modern house.
1950's Advertising Art
visualizes what the future
would be in the 1960's!

The ads predict modern highways would not require actual driving.

The life of leisure.
Press a button and the laundry is washed, 
dried and folded for you, while you go out and enjoy yourself!

A great Idea - a food truck!

Since cars and buses were not air conditioned, 
you could "lug around" your own portable air conditioning unit!

A "Curtain of Air" instead of a door for retail stores.
The only worry: Would the air blow sparks from all of the lit cigarettes coming inside?

Just think, you could us LP vinyl records to take messages from callers
when you were away from your dial phone, land-line! 

Mom could dial up a meal for her family, served already plated, via a conveyor belt.

Mono-Rails and magnetic hover Aero-Trains! Hummm, still sounds like a good idea!

An in-home automated Valet Laundry Service where suits come out on hangers!
(source: 1950's advertisements found on the web)

Avocado appetizer
with a delicious
butter sauce

Half two ripe avocados, remove pits, scoop out the green meat, intact.

On the serving plates, slice each half avocado in 1/4" slices and fan out. Finish with the Delicious Butter Sauce.

- 1/4th cup ketchup
- 1/4th cup Worcestershire sauce
- 1/4th cup sugar
- 1/4th cup butter

In a small saucepan combine all ingredients and stir over med-high heat (do not boil) until butter is melted and sugar has dissolved.

Spoon the warm sauce over the fan of avocados and serve immediately.

Very tasty, serves 4.

(Source: Marilyn Smith)

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