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Laser-Cut Stainless Steel Nutcracker Mantel Piece
Made in the USA / cannot be gift boxed 
16" x 4" with 1 1/4" wide wood base.
$135 / $121.50 Members
AIC Item #137895

Art Institute of Chicago's
Gift Shop

Japanese Screens Boxed Notecards
Fold these cards to simulate Japanese screens. Cover detail from Sun and Moon over the Musashi Plain (Sun).  The original artworks can be found in the museum’s collection.
20 cards, 4 each of 5 designs. Each is 4 1/4" square. 13 3/4" x 5 7/8" when open.
$17.05 Members
AIC Item #47787

Wood American Gothic Poster
This familiar image was exhibited publicly for the first time at The Art Institute of Chicago, winning for Grant Wood (American, 1891–1942) a $300 prize and instant fame. The impetus for the painting came while Wood was visiting friends in the small town of Eldon in his native Iowa, where he spotted a farmhouse in a style called "carpenter Gothic," with a single oversized window.
The original work is in our Department of American Art. Our poster reproduction is 26" x 36".
$17.05 Members
AIC Item #67671

Iris Glass Panel
An everlasting artistic floral arrangement, perfect for any window. Handcrafted from glass soldered together with copper foil. Includes two 7" chains for hanging.
9" x 20"
$193.50 Members
AIC Item #100804

BOOK Wine Bar Food: Mediterranean Flavors to Crave with Wines to Match
Learn how to capture the Mediterranean wine bar lifestyle in your own home with simple, unpretentious city-by-city recipes and ideas that take you from Lisbon to Rome. Penned by acclaimed restaurateurs Cathy and Tony Mantuano.  These and other epicurean creations crafted by Tony can also be savored at the Modern Wing’s Terzo Piano restaurant. 
Hardcover; 208 pages and signed by the authors.
8" x 9" x 7/8"
$24.75 Members
AIC Item #116708

Recycled Silk Sari Purse
All the colors of the rainbow–and then some! Layers of lightweight sari silk, repurposed into flirty ruffles, adorn this cotton-lined purse. Zip top closure with no interior pockets. Handmade in Nepal. Handmade textiles can be found in the museum's permanent collection.
6 1/2" x 8" x 2"
$41.40 Members
AIC Item #128558

Ceres Sculpture
This sculpture of the Roman goddess of agriculture, Ceres, sits atop the Chicago Board of Trade building. Carrying a sheaf of wheat and bag of grain, she is a fitting and symbolic choice for the building that houses one of the world's busiest grain markets. Created by John Bradley Storrs (American, 1885-1956) in 1928, a smaller version can be found in the museum's collection. Resin with chrome plate and a felt-lined bottom. 13"
$99 Members
AIC Item #132178

Wright Saguaro Forms Throw
The design for this throw is adapted from one of Frank Lloyd Wright's® (American, 1867-1959) Saguaro Forms and Cactus Flowers compositions for the cover of Liberty magazine in 1927. Made in the USA. Cotton. Works by Wright can be found in the museum's permanent collection. 51" x 69"
$81 Members
AIC Item #137718

Painter's Palette Tray
Make a masterpiece of your hors d'oeuvres buffet with this unique ceramic tray. Impress your guests by artistically displaying fine cheeses or other tasty delectables. To keep the look authentic, the tray features a rainbow of colors, and even has a thumbhole! Dishwasher and food safe. Ceramic objects can be found in the museum's permanent collection. 15" x 11 5/8"
$36 Members
AIC Item #137837
Van Gogh's The Bedroom Mug
Waking up in the morning is a lot easier with a good cup of coffee, and our mug featuring Vincent van Gogh's (Dutch, 1853-1890) famous painting The Bedroom. From the AI of Chicago's collection, this mug will give you a lift every time you use it. Approximately 11–12 oz. Hand wash.
$8.95 Members
Item #127208

The French Cat
One of the most successful animal photographers in the world today, Rachael Hale turns her lens toward France—her newly adopted home—and the charismatic cats that inhabit this picturesque backdrop.  The result is The French Cat, a stunning exploration of the country and its felines.  Remarkable French landscapes, both urban and rural, are populated with cats brimming with personality—whether languidly strolling in a quaint village or regally perched on the doorstep of an elegant château.  Rachael also tells the story of her new life in France with her husband and new baby in tow.  This heartwarming narrative—along with engaging quotes from famous French cat lovers and literary greats—accompanies the images, making the eclectic and lushly illustrated record of Rachael’s journey an all-around delight for Francophiles and cat lovers alike. Hardcover: 168 pages with 179 illustrations. 8 1/2" x 11 1/4" x 3/4"
$26.95 Members
AIC Item #131395

Essential Guide to the Art Institute of Chicago, 2013
This revised and expanded edition of the Essential Guide features 330 works of art, over fifty of them new additions to the book. The entries represent some of the finest pieces from—and were selected with the assistance of—the museum’s eleven curatorial departments: African Art and Indian Art of the Americas, American Art, Ancient and Byzantine Art, Architecture and Design, Asian Art, Contemporary Art, European Decorative Arts, Medieval to Modern European Painting and Sculpture, Photography, Prints and Drawings, and Textiles. Each work is reproduced in full color and discussed in a brief and lively entry. This convenient volume offers the reader a generous sampling of the celebrated works of one of the country’s most highly esteemed museums. 352 pages with 330 color illustrations. Softcover. 6" x 9"
$17.95 Members
Item #136634

Exotic Garden Tie
by Kurt Seligmann
Surrealist painter Kurt Seligmann
(American, b. Switzerland, 1900-1962).
Made in Italy. In the museum's permanent collection.
Dry clean only, 55".
$58.50 Members
AIC Item #137884

Snow Dog Tie
by School
of the
Art Institute's
Sher Schier.
Dry clean only, 57".
$43.20 Members
AIC Item #128556

Seurat A Sunday on La Grande Jatte—1884 Large Matted Print
Georges Seurat (French, 1859-1891) tackled the issues of color, light and form in his painting A Sunday on La Grande Jatte—1884 .
Inspired by research in optical and color theory, he juxtaposed tiny dots of colors that, through optical blending, form a single and, Seurat believed, more brilliantly luminous hue in the viewer's eye. A popular painting in the collection of The Art Institute of Chicago.Our matted print is 16" x 19".
$13.50 Members
AIC Item #38225

Sky Umbrella
Turn gray skies to blue every time you open our collapsible umbrella.
10" closed length; opens to 37" diameter.
$36 Members
AIC Item #101235
(Source The Art Institute of Chicago

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