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Sarah Anne Ward: Art as Just Desserts! + Where to Find NYC's Best Burgers & Doughnuts.

Jeff Koon's "Balloon Dog"
via Twinkies

Photo: Sarah Ward
Food Styling by Michelle Gatton
By Photographer
with Food Stylists 
Heather Meldrom 
and Michelle Gatton

"Yellow, Lavender, White & Rose"
Rothko via ice-cream, icing & cake
Photo: Sarah WardFood Styling by Heather Meldrom

Artist history has recently been re-recreated in the form of dessert photograpy by New York-based artist/photographer Sarah Anne Ward, in collaboration with food stylists Heather Meldrom and Michelle Gatton.

Sarah Anne Ward has this to say about her ART / FOOD photography: "I don't even remember how I first got the idea for this project, but the Rothko ice-cream cake was my first in the series."

“When approaching each dessert, I always pull out my good ol’ art-history book and dive in. It’s not just making the picture with food, it’s making it in a way that it can be served, eaten, and also recognizable.”

Mondrian via Jell-O
Photo: Sarah Ward
Food Styling by Michelle Gatton
“The biggest challenge thus far is making it recognizable. I often eat alone and see random things in my food, but that does not always translate to a general audience – which is what I am trying to do here. It’s about combining a little nostalgia with art history. The project is also so much about the collaboration with food stylist, another one of my favorite parts of the process. As I chat and brainstorm with the stylist we combine both ideas to perfect each dessert.

Braque's cubism as shown via pinwheel cookiesCubi
Photo: Sarah Ward
Food Styling by Michelle Gatton
“...most of the time is spent in preparation of, or testing before the actual shoot. There are always many chains of emails and inspiration ideas sent between the stylist and me before we finalize. Shooting is usually the easy part!”

Damien Hirst's Skull via dot candy
Photo: Sarah Ward
Food Styling by Michelle Gatton

“I want to tackle a female artist next. I realized every work I’ve done so far has been inspired by the art of a male artist, so I need to bring in some girl power soon!

Jackson Pollock drip painting
via Rice Krispie treats
Photo: Sarah Ward
Food Styling by Heather Meldrom

“...I just love food and art. The idea of a perfect day off for me is going to a museum or gallery, drinking good wine and having a good meal with a close friend! In photo school they always told us to shoot what you love, so I am!”

Seurat's pointillism
via sprinkles on sheet cake 
Photo: Sarah Ward
Food Styling by Michelle Gatton

Sarah says she is working on more "ART" photos to flush-out a future gallery exhibition based on these works.

(Photos were used with the personal permission of the photographer. Quotes are courtesy of the photographer's website via Grub StreetHuffington PostParade Magazine, and Design

NYC Maps 
Show Us
Where to Find 
the Area's
Best Burgers 
and Doughnuts!

- Brooklyn-based publisher All-You-Can-Eat Press prints two maps to help all foodies find the best burgers and the best doughnuts in New York City.

Doughnut Quiz !
How many doughnuts you know from who !?!?
animation by Ross Menuez / Salvor Projects.
thanks Ross!!!
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- The publisher has also printed some "Burger Post-Cards" for personal use or if you have a desire to sell them, you can buy them in bulk, wholesale.

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