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Halloween Costumes for You, Your Dog & Your Infant/Toddler + Halloween Party Fruit Snacks

Prisoner Pup $28

Halloween is just around the corner! offers an array of dog costumes that will have everyone howling! See their offering below, followed by some great adult costumes for you and a few for your infant or toddler.

Halloween FUN is all about a wonderful costume that helps create an alter ego!

Cave Dog $20.00

Dogosaurus $38.00

Dorothy $18.00

Elephant $38.00

Elvis $18.00

Hot Doggie $12.50

Patriotic Girl Pup $18.00

Patriotic pup $18.00

Pirate Dog $28.00

Princess Leia $18.00

Punk Dog $34.50

Queen / Princess $20.00

Spiderman $12.00

Superman $14.50

Wonder Woman $18.00

Batman $19.50

Batman - the dark knight $18.00

Yoda $18.00

Devil Dog $15.00
Link to ChasingFireflies Site for Dogs below:



They offer some great adult costumes to wear while you walk your dog. 

Carmen Miranda Head Piece $28.00

Carmen Miranda $99.50

Carmen Miranda Maracas $10

Carmen Miranda Necklace $5

Carmen Miranda
Sequin Ball Earrings

Elvis Las Vegas $88

Elvis Wig $28

Elvis Glitter Microphone $5

Elvis Sun Glasses $9.50

Genie - Granting Wishes!  $99.50

Joan of Arc $109.50

Joan of Arc
Cross Necklace

Knight of the Crusades $109.50

Knight of the Crusades Sword $19.50

Mario $44

Pirate Captain $169.50 

Pirate Captain Eye Patch & Earring $4

Pirate Captain Paints $18

Pirate Captain Sabre $18

Lady Pirate $119.50

Lady Pirate Cameo Choker $14.50

Prince Charming $119.50

Fairy Tale Princess $179.50

Fairy Tale Princess Gold Tiara $29

Princess Cameo Pearl Choker $14.50

Sock Monkey $79.50

Sock Monkey (female) $79.50

Sock Monkey (female) Pom-pom Earrings $8.50

Superman $54.50

Superman - Kryptonite Crystal $10

Wicked Witch of the West $60

Wicked Witch of the West - tall witch hat $29.50

Wicked Witch of the West broom $20

Wicked Witch of the West pointy witch shoes $34.50

Wicked Witch of the West black fishnet stockings $6

Wonder Woman $58

Captain America $88

Captain America Gloves $14

Captain America Shield $38

Link to ChasingFireflies Site for adult halloween costumes:

ChasingFireflies also offers many cleaver and high quality infant/toddler costumes.

Billy Goat $39.50

Elephant  $58

Elf $54.50

Garden Gnome $49.50

Horse $49.50

Lion $58

Monkey $58

Mouse $39.50

Penguin $49

Pink Bunny $49.50

Pink Chick $39.50

Pink Elephant $34.50

Puppy $58

Shaggy Dog $49.50

Snowman $39

Teddy Bear $58

Tree Frog $58

Turkey $49.50

Walrus $49.50

Link to ChasingFireflies Site for infant & toddler halloween costumes:

(All photography of the costumes above was supplied by Chasing Fireflies.)


Here is an awesome Halloween Party snack idea, designed by Beth Mansfield.

Ghosts made from bananas using chocolate chip minis for the eyes, then switch to regular sized chocolate chips for the mouths.

Pumpkins are made from peeled tangerines with a piece of cut down celery stuck into the top, for the stalk.

**Tip to keep the bananas from browning - after peeling - sprinkle them, dip them, or spritz them with a little bit of citrus juice (orange, grapefruit, tangerines, pineapple, etc). 

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  1. These dog Halloween Costumes found here are the one thing I am looking for. I love what I see and I love to put it on my beloved. I am really excited to see my dog wearing these costumes found this coming Halloween.