Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FOUNTAIN ART FAIR - Armory Arts Week 2013

"FOUNTAIN performance piece"

Fountain Art Fair 2013 was held in the same building as the original "Armory Show" of 1913

ARTSnFOOD coverage of Armory Arts Week New York 2013

The Avante Garde try to recreate the original Armory Show in the Original venue.

"Still Life" by Thomas Buildmore, spray paint on panel

Carol Scabotto Gallery

Fountain's Opening Night Art Party

Fountain Art Party with music, art and performance art

Pat Falco "The Proposal" acrylic on paper

A Bowl of Mixed Art( (gallery)

Credit & Debt Performance Piece

Light Paintings captured in photography
(artist) Vicki DaSilva

"Nude Descending a Staircase"  time lapse photo with Light Painting by Vicki DaSilva


mono print of red head

Graffiti Artist #1 working
Graffiti Artist #2 working

Graffiti Artist #3 working
Alexis Talia "Honey Dew" - oil on board
Charles Wilkin "Untitled" - pigment stain on postcard, archival print 2013

Crocheted Urinal (fountain)
View of a Gallery Booth

Dave Tree - "Murder Lounge"

Front Room Gallery "girl with earphone"

Front Room Gallery "girl with earphones"

Front Room Gallery - Emily Roz "the rutting season"

Front Room Gallery - drip painting

Inyoung Seoung
drawing on canvas

Inyoung Seoung drawing

Josephine head
sand & plaster sculpture

KiloWatt Gallery
Kate Raudenbush artist
cut metal tree sculpture

Lawren Alice
photograph by Noah Musher
pigmented print on canvas

collection of 25 digital drawings
digital frame, thumb drive, custom panel

Nathan Vincent - "The Oak - Arnold 2011" -
Crochet Yarn - Large Doily 60" x 72"

Paper mache head
videos can be seen
playing inside both ears

Park, Da-Won Acrylic on paper

Park, Da-Won Acrylic on paper

Park, Da-Won Acrylic on paper

Ricky Powell photograph
"Livin' large in the Catskills"

Rina HARA - 18" X 21 "

Robert Bery
"Purple Heart"
mixed media
9.5' x 40"
Artist in costume at Art Party
Artists at the Opening Party

Korean Gallery

A "Loveism"

Republic Worldwide Gallery
Paper Plates
painted to look like
collectible Porcelain Plates.
Republic Worldwide Gallery

Paper Plates painted to look like collectible Porcelain Plates.
Artists: Julia Samuels, Hayley McCullach, Ideal Glass, Doug Parry, Dennis McNett, Graham Preston, Orlando Arocena, Sirikul Pattoachote, Sean McGuurn, Federle Spadafora, Levan Minddiashivili, Bodi Uta Bekaia, Paul Brainard.
project house

Morgan Thomas
"Beware those who come in sheep's clothing
but inwardly are ravening wolves."

Inside entrance/exit for Fountain Art Fair 2013
Source: (Photography) All photos were taken by Jack A. Atkinson with permission of the galleries, artists or fair management.
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