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The Affordable Art Fair (fall edition 2012) Special Issue #2 + Calas - A Different Kind of Louisiana Rice

Elisa Contemporary Art, Riverdale, NY
Artist: Don Morris - (detail) "A World of Small Heroes" Comics attached to canvas.

AAF, Fall, NYC, October 2012

The third editon of a FALL Affordable Art Fair, New York City, successfully concluded earlier this month with visitor attendance topping 9,500 and artwork sales topping $1.6 million. This stand alone art fair, is unique because it's offerings are in the more reasonable price ranges, starting at $500 and going no higher than $10,000. This exhibition was an opportunity to view and purchase original, contemporary painting, sculpture and photography offered by local, national and international galleries. It was located at "The Tunnel" in West Chelsea, NYC in the heart of the Arts District, which seemed to increase the turn-out and sales momentum. The FALL Affordable Art Fair New York City was held over a four day period, had 60+ galleries participating and showcased the work of living artists, only. 

Elisa Contemporary Art, Riverdale, NY
Artist: Don Morris -"A World of Small Heroes" Comic attached to canvas.
31 Galerie, France, photographic installation: "Hotel" Artist: Amiand
The artist has photographed hundreds of images of the word Hotel from signage around the world. He sells them individually and sometimes creates groupings or installations. 

31 Galerie, Toulouse, France
Artist: Nadal oil on canvas.
Nadal is a French artist showing at 31 Galerie in Toulouse, France.He is an oil painter working on canvas, although paint is his medium, his process is more like drawing, sometimes with ridged and computer like lines and sometimes with lose scribbles or flowing lines. I found these pieces to be a pleasure for the eyes.

31 Galerie, Toulouse, France
Artist: Nadal oil on canvas.

31 Galerie, Toulouse, France
Artist: Nadal oil on canvas.

Anelle Gandelman Fine Art - Gail Resen - Acrylic paint on cut and manipulated canvas.
Anelle Gandelman Fine Art, artist: Gail Resen, medium" Painted and Manipulated canvas. The famous artist Lucio Fontana was known for fusing sculptural elements with painting by creating solid colored canvases and then slashing or puncturing the surface in order to reveal the space behind the picture. Usually his works were one simple slash in the middle of the canvas. Above, artist Gali Resen takes his concept a step further by evenly cutting her canvases to create a pattern which is then twisted to form even more intricate pattens and also to reveal the space behind the painting as well. Rather than being inspired by Fontana the artist comes to painting from a background in weaving and that was her point of departure.

Edgewater Gallery, Middleburry Falls, VT
Artist: Duncan Johnson
Duncan Johnson received a Pollack Krasner Foundation Artist Grant in 2012 and has a BFA from Pratt. Johnson has been working with wood his whole life, mostly as sculpture. This series is a departure, being 2-dimensional works constructed out of found bits of wood which he mills, paints and assembles into a construction of geometric color and design. Many a late night conversation has turned to the possibility of our past lives - these woods have all had past lives, some obviously had hard and long existences. Johnson's wood paintings are "combines" much like a Rauschenberg "combine".

Edgewater Gallery, Middleburry Falls, VT
Artist: Duncan Johnson

Edgewater Gallery, Middleburry Falls, VT
Artist: Duncan Johnson

Mara Claus
gallery juliane hundertmark, Berlin

gallery juliane hundertmark, Berlin / Mara ClausMara Claus is a young artist from Germany. Her work makes many experiments with color, materials and historic scientific papers and materials.
She often creates abstract landscapes with explanations about the environment, the temperature, the growing of plants and the study of humans and animals.

Mara Claus
gallery juliane hundertmark, Berlin

She studied Biology and Mathematics before turning to art so she combines pieces of old biology books with written out mathematical equations, plus her paintings and drawings. Her works is very intuitive and her drawings simple.

Mara Claus
gallery juliane hundertmark, Berlin

Mara Claus
gallery juliane hundertmark, Berlin

(above) Mara Claus
gallery juliane hundertmark, Berlin

The artist Mara Claus lives and works in Berlin, Germany and is exclusively represented by gallery juliane hundertmark, Berlin.

The AAF also annually hosts art fairs in: Amsterdam, Bristol, Brussels, Hamburg, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Milan, Singapore, Seattle, Stockholm and Rome. Next April the will bring their spring version of AAF to New York City.

Editor's Note:
The works of Richard Kurtzs, which were shown by Buenos Aires Open Art gallery at the AAF, can be viewed at the following link:

To keep the posts shorter, There will be several postings over the next several days about the AAF.

Old School
NOLA Rice Balls

During the 19th century, horse-drawn carts in the streets of New Orleans sold wonderful, aromatic rice cakes (balls) called Calas. For quite a while now, they have not been widely available in N.O. restaurants. They make a great breakfast, side dish or dessert.

1 1/2 cups cooked rice
1 1/2 cups flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp salt
1/8 tsp nutmeg
3 eggs, beaten
2 Tsp milk
1 tsp vanilla
Cooking oil
Powdered Sugar

Mix rice with dry ingredients.
Add eggs, milk, and vanilla, and mix well
Shape into 2" balls
drop into hot oil and fry until brown.
Drain onto paper towels.
Sprinkle with powdered sugar
Makes about 12 balls

for OVERNIGHT production:
mix a cake of yeast with a little water and several cups of cooked rice.
cover and refrigerate overnight
In morning, mix the other ingredients, except the baking powder
Fry and Serve with cafe au lait.
the yeast makes them more flavorful.

(Source: several online recipes combined)

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