Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The ART of YOGA - Coffee in the East Village

Yoga is a beautiful site to behold, with the practitioners twisting and stretching the human body into shapes and line. It is so athletic as to it being considered as a sport for the Summer Olympic Games. Below please view some of the surreal theater that is "Competitive Yoga".

This past weekend was the 9th Annual Bishnu Charan Gosh Cup yoga competition. Yoga as a sport has become a competitive athletic event, demonstrating the beauty of yoga postures as well as the demanding dedication, endurance and unyielding determination of the competitors. Segmented into groups by sex and age, the athletes smoothly go through a set of established poses, pushing human flexibility to its limits, all with a smile on the competitors face. Several Yoga Federations around the world are petitioning to have Yoga Asana brought-in as an official Olympic Sport. Yoga Asana originated in India as a spiritual practice which is also beneficial to the physical and mental health of all devotes. As a fitness program, yoga develops a toned body with added flexibility, it can be practiced by all age groups, children, teens, adults and seniors.

(Source: Information and photos all courtesy of the International Yoga Sports Federation, videos from YouTube.)

FOOD Shopping
Abraco Coffee House
Commune with the poets and playwrights of New York City's East Village.

There is coffee everywhere in Manhattan, but if you are looking for that out of the way place, for a hole-in-the-wall 1950's East Village coffeehouse experience, Abraco is it. It is my recommendation for a cup of Joe with an edge in NYC.

Abraco Espresso Bar with Housemade Semi-Sweets and Savories. 
Abraco offers Spanish, Italian and Middle Eastern coffee traditions and treats. You should try the espresso with their olive-oil cake. Or you can order the cured-olive cookies or pain perdu with sweet ricotta, then buy some coffee beans to take home and brew your own expresso. Location: 86 E 7th St.  http://abraconyc.com/#home

Abraco Expresso
East Village
86 East 7th Street, NYC10003
Tuesday thru Saturday 8am -  4pm
Sunday 9 am - 4 pm
Closed Mondays

Take the [6] train to  Astor Place, walk East - Abraco is one block south of St. Marks Place, on 7th St., between 1st & 2nd.

(Information and photos from the Abraco website.)

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  1. WOW! Yes, this is a WOW! post, and just what I needed. Love it!

    I'm new at yoga yet, for me, it has become a vital part of my life.

    While I had no idea there was such thing as competitive yoga, it does make sense.

    Fantastic images, too.

    Thanks for posting!