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Affordable Art Fair, NYC 2012, Great Coffee at Home

Diana Dufton's sculptural wall hangings shown at Will's Art House, Sadler's House - London, UK


Affordable Art Fair, 2012
Late Spring
Art Fairs

This fair is about the joy and excitement art can bring to everyone's life.

The crowd at AAF, Spring 2012

"Turf" Found Oject Collage by Diana Dufton at Will's Art House - London, UK

"Turf" (toy soldier composition - detail)
One of the most interesting presentations at the fair was Will's Art House in London and the very British "color field" (found object) collages by artist, Diana Dufton. 

Dinosaurs - Found Oject Collage - (detail above) Diana Dufton at Will's Art House - London, UK

Peace Maker Red II by Diana Dufton at Will's Art House -

The Affordable Art Fair (AFF) is an exhibition/group gallery show originating in London that makes a trip across the pond a couple of times a year to share English artists with the US and to give some US galleries the opportunity to reach an audience of collectors looking for art they can afford, paying $10,000 or less for these works. Although $10,000 may still sound like a fair amount of money to most new collectors, it is actually the low end of the typical Art Price Points for works in New York City's Chelsea galleries. 

"Untitled" sculpture (detail)
by Brad Howe
at Evan Lurie Gallery
Jason Myers, "Myself #28" at Evan Lurie Gallery
20" x 16" Mixed Media on Panel

This year it was held at 7 West 34th Street at 5th Ave. in the same space VOLTA uses during Armory Show Week. The fair celebrates the idea that art is for everyone and tries to make excellent artworks from around the world available to all, whether an experienced collector or a novice.

Rachel Denny at Portland Fine Art, Oregon. 

Fernando Mastrangelo and Ted Lawson
Untitled (Salt Sprial) 2012
Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

The 75 international and Us Exhibitors showed original paintings, sculptures, photographs and prints priced from $100 - $10,000 with half of the works under $5,000. New York City is one of fair director Judith Pineiro's favorite locations, because "New York has always been a draw for artists of all kinds to live, to work and to be inspired..." by the creative interactions available in this city. "Since its founding in 1999, the Fair's mission has been to demystify the gallery art-buying experience, making it both welcoming and fun." Anybody with disposable income, can afford to become a collector of original art at the AAF.

Last year 155,000 art lovers visited the various Affordable Art Fairs around the globe showing the works in over 1000 galleries. 

The Affordable Art Fair also takes place in Amsterdam, Bristol, Brussels, London, Los Angeles, Milan and Singapore. The organizers have announce they will soon host fairs in New Delhi, Hamburg, Rome and Stockholm.

Now for a tour of the Affordable Art Fair, Spring 2012:

Carol Roche, "Jacaranda Place" 59' x 47"
inart studio - Austalia -
Jessie Weiss, "Marge Simpson Hair" - series at Uprise Art, NYC
Jessie Weiss, M.S.H. series 2011 - Online Gallery
Melanie Vote - Magic Wand - Oil on paper
10" x 13" TACHE 
Melanie Vote "Dog Head" Oil on linen 8" x 10"TACHE  
Rieko Fuinami Fresco 7" x 6.25" TACHE
Robert Otto Epstein, "Margaret"
acrylic on vintage paper
17" x 22"

"tomato tango" by Susan Evans
at New Grounds Gallery
Albuquerque, NM

Judith Peck, "Memories Eulogy"
Alida Anderson Art Projects, Washington DC
Modernbook Gallery Editions - San Francisco, CA
Photography at Modernbook Gallery Editions - San Francisco, CA

New York Stories, Jefferson Hayman
Modernbook Gallery
America Martin "La Mujer" JoAnne Artman Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

John Grande "Gene" acrylic on digital print, JoAnne Artman Gallery.Launa Beach

Richard Heeps, Bleach Box Gallery, Cambridge, UK

Samuel Field, Bleach Box Gallery, Cambridge UK

Harris Johnson "Spouse"
Harris Johnson "smoking"

Ivan Mastin, "A evening with Dickens", Blacstone Gallery, London

Lucille Pack, "WWII Nurses" UGallery, San Francisco,CA

Myung Nam An, "Eyes 4" Decorazon Gallery, Dallas / London

Peter Monaghan, Cube Gallery, London

Rachael Nee, "Red Shift", Smoke & Acrylic Paint, London

Richard Levine, Store Street Gallery, London

Shannon Doyle "born to decorate", Australia

Xavi Carbonell "Untitled" Art Angler Gallery, NY

See more from the AAF in our POSTSCRIPT SECTION at the end of this issue.

(Sources:  Press Dept. The Affordable Art Fair, personal visit to the fair, interviews at the fair. All photographs by Jack A. Atkinson taken with permission of each gallerist shown and the fair.)

Impressive After-Dinner Coffee 

Price: $4.50
Sale: $3.97


Yama Tabletop 5 Cup Vacpot Coffee Siphon & Vacuum Pot

The Yama 3 Cup Tabletop Vac Pot Coffee Siphon includes alcohol burner/warmer used to boil the water and activate the brewing process. The Yama 3 Cup Tabletop Vac Pot is great for after dinner coffee brewed right at the table. "Cup" refers to Yama's idea of what a cup should be--it equals about 3-4 ounces for each cup.

The device was invented by Loeff of Berlin the 1830's and has since been used and manufactured in many parts of the world.
Design and composition of the Siphon Brewer varies but fundamentally it consists of two connectable chambers with a filter in between and requires a heat source to operate. The two connectable chambers made of either heat-proof glass, metal, or plastic. The filter can be a glass rod, cloth, paper or nylon screen.
The basic principles of vapor pressure and vacuum force are applied to extract more coffee flavor and less bitters resulting in what's typically described as a clean, crisp, rich, and smooth coffee.
A vertical styled Siphon pot is assembled by placing the open-tubed extended portion of the upper chamber into the mouth of lower chamber holding water. Ground coffee is added in the upper chamber over the filter. A heat source (open flame or electric plate/coil) under the lower chamber heats the water, the gas pressure builds forcing hot water to travel up the upper chamber's protrusion, through the filter, into the upper chamber and infuses with the ground coffee. After a predetermined time, the heat source is removed and the pressure reverses into a vacuum state and sucks the coffee down into the lower chamber leaving the spent coffee grounds on the upper chamber. The apparatus is usually disassembled to pour the coffee into cups.
(currently on back order)

Vibiemme has been perfecting the Domobar Super for the last few years with a New Zealand espresso machine company and what a job they've done. This fine espresso machine can be most often found at Italian cafes, and are quickly moving into the US market as a high end home espresso machine for "prosumers" and as a light commercial espresso machine for businesses looking for a lower volume yet professional espresso service solution.
Enhancements and design changes have delayed the shipment as they wanted to make sure this machine was the best that it could be - before arrival here into the USA and Canada.
After a good long look at a SCAA conference in Charlotte, was convinced that this machine is one of the best for semi commercial or home use.

(Sources: & Wikipedia)

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    More art from AAF

    Xavi Carbonell "Untitled" Art Angler Gallery, NY

    Philip Volkers, photograph, Big Eye Gallery, NY

    Paper Bag Test
    Aritist Firelei Baez matches skin tones as she preforms the "Paper Bag Test" at the AAF.

    Fumiko Toda "Woodpecker" Uchu Gallery, Shelburne Falls, MA USA

    Beach Box Gallery, Cambridge UK

    art below, Cicada Gallery, Australia
    Colleen Wallace Nungari, Cicada Aboriginal Art Gallery, Australia
    Shannon Doyle,, Austrailia
    Charlotte Knox
    "W.100th St. Grocery"

    All photos of the Art Fair are © Copyright 2012 Jack A. Atkinson and were taken with permission. ARTSnFOOD, All rights reserved. Concept & Original Text © Copyright 2012 Jack A. Atkinson under all International intellectual property and copyright laws. Images © individual artists, fabricators, respective owners or assignees


  1. I thanks for including my work in your post for the Affordable Art Fair. This year the fair was larger and more diverse, and I found it a valuable experience to be a part of and attend.
    Judith Peck

  2. Hi we've noticed you have two of Shannon Doyles works noted in your blog. We are coming back to the US for the Hamptons in July 2012 and will be back for the New York Affordable art fair Fall edition in October 2012. We would love you to join our facebook too.. Thanks the team at Retrospect Galleries