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"The Christ Child" is a Major Theme in European Art History

"The Wilton Diptych" (right panel) c.1395
Christmas 2011
Artworks with Christian themes
have dominated "Western Art"
for most of the past 2000 years. is read by art lovers of every faith, around the world. I offer this special exhibition depicting two of the most popular subjects in all of "Western Art History": "The Nativity" and "Madonna & Child". The following artworks have been saying, Merry Christmas, for centuries!

Sandro Botticelli
"Mystic Nativity" c. 1500

Philippe de Champaigne c. 1643
"The Nativity"

Lorenzo Lotto c.1527
"Madonna & Child with Saints Catherine and James"

Hugo van der Goes "Portinari Altarpiece" c. 1475

Andrea Mantegna c.1460
"Madonna & Child with Cherubs"

Stefan Lochner c.1440
"The Virgin in a Rose Arbor"

Ciambue "Modonna & Child" c. 1240

Maestro Esiguo "The Nativity" c.1600

William Bouguereau
"The Virgin with Angels" c.1900

Hans Memling c. 1480
"Madonna & Child with Angels" 

Raphael "The Sistine Madonna" c.1513
Happy Holidays!
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