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End of Summer Looking Back at Snaps & A Final Picnic

In my camera - a picture at the Metropolitan Museum.

End of Summer =
End of Year =

Summer is ending and in the US, summertime is when we give ourselves permission to relax, do things out-of-doors and actually stop thinking about work for a week or two. This up-coming Tuesday, all of that summertime fun comes to an end and it becomes "nose-to-the-grindstone" for most of the next nine months. What were our ancestors thinking to choose January as the first month of the year? In America, new TV programing, many schools and most people (mentally) start their year in September, or more specifically, after the Labor Day holiday. The same thing goes for the whole WORLD of the ARTS, the year begins with the "New Season" in September and ends in May, just in time to take Summer off!

Wanting to look back over this past year, I pulled out my camera and went through the misc. digital photos. As a lark, I am sharing a "Digital Photo Mix" with you. Like an old "Mixed Tape" of music it's a random and somewhat awkward selection that has no reason to be together.

Since this is the end of your summer (or your winter in the southern hemisphere) - have some fun this week-end!


Antony Gormley at the Armory Show
At the Armory Show - Painting
At the Armory Show - Neon
At the Armory Show - Painting
At the Met, "Speak softly, but carry a bit stick!"
Emesis - At the Armory Show - Painting

13 Shapes - At the Armory Show  - Painting

Franz Kliine does snow removal - Photo
Romance At the Met - Sculpture

America - Freedom of Religion - Photo
 The Met Exterior at Night - Photo
Overly Caffeinated at Cafe Sabarsky - Neue Galerie

The POSTSCRIPT has one last photo which includes an artistic nude figure.

The internet is a mass media, please do not view if easily offended.


End of Summer =

For once, why not plan and actually "have" the perfect summer picnic? I am talking about a fantasy, romantic "English costumed drama" of a picnic with the great location, table cloths, silverware, real glasses, china plates and the classic woven picnic basket. You then pull the whole meal out of neatly packed plastic storage containers and plastic wrap, ready to spread out on a picnic table or on a cloth in the grass beside some beautiful watery scene or in a mountain meadow. Start with a wine and cheese appetizer and make a toast to the end of Summer. 

Here is an old school menu, easy to prepare and fun!

Wine & Cheese appetizer (or wine with fresh green figs, split and spread with a garlic and cream cheese mixture).
Cold Chicken Avocado Soup (served in mugs).
A Spiral Cut (pre-cooked) Honey Baked Ham on a platter. (This is for show and will look good in the photos you should take)!
Romaine Lettuce
Oil, Vinegar, Salt & Pepper, Jar of Good Mustard
Pre-Sliced Italian Crusty Bread
Chilled Riesling Wine (in a cooler with ice with small glasses - European style).
Pre-sliced tomatoes
Pre-sliced red onion (thin)
Mellon balls: watermelon, cantaloupe and honey dew mixed and flavored with a sqeeze of fresh lime juice.

For soup and sandwich - pile the bread with ham and condiments for a hearty sandwich with a melon and cheese dessert.

For a formal picnic - serve the wine and cheese while you talk and relax; then start the meal with the soup course; next a plate of ham, some mustard, a side salad and bread; finally the melon balls make a fresh, healthy dessert. For beverages: wine and bottled water.

Everything is easy and self-explainitory. 
Here is the Chicken Avocado Soup recipe:

4 cups of excellent chicken broth
3 or 4 avocados diced (2 cups)
1/4 cup lemon or lime juice
1 tsp salt
Fresh ground pepper to taste
Fresh cilantro chopped

Combine first 5 ingredients and blend in a blender until smooth. Chill for at least one hour. Serve with a light sprinkle of fresh chopped cilantro on top.
(source: adapted from The Picture Cook Book)

Until later,
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A humorous look at modern furniture design.

Impressionism - At the Armory Show - Ouch!

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