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Art from Across America at Denver's Arts Festival + Dinner at Buckhorn Exchange

Artist Mick Madzo from Excelsior, MN 

This Denver Arts Festival
brings together artists
from across the USA
Every Fourth of July weekend, Denver Colorado hosts the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in it's upscale Cherry Creek shopping district. It is a very competitive, juried festival and the artists are selected from around the country. The jury selects the artists based on the quality of their work, the diversity of the styles & media and the marketability of their art for the festival's large target audience.  This year 230 artists were selected from 2,100 applications and over 350,000 visitors and Colorado residents strolled through the street fest. 

The artworks presented are created by top level artists and artisans from across America. The Cherry Creek Arts Festival is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(3). It's stated mission is to provide a broad array of arts experiences at the annual event and for ongoing support of arts education in Colorado.

If you are at all interested in "What images resonate in America's regional art festival market, in 2011?", this show is a good barometer. (My take on the images shown at the festival.) There were many whimsical, surreal and "magical realism" types of images both in painting and sculpture; also many cherubic faces and figures, some with wings, some imaginatively combined with stylized or incongruous body parts, animals parts or objects; there were graphic "design motifs" ie: stripes and checkerboards; clouds and trees seemed to dominate the landscape artworks; nostalgic imagery was popular; and many pieces featured flowers, birds and rabbits. Of course there were other subjects, MANY others and many other approaches. Like any generalization, the above observations are strictly my personal impression after only two visits. 

The following images show just a fraction of the art at the show and are published with the permission of the artists. Most of these pictures were taken on location, through protective glass or plastic, and inside the crowded tents - which I feel gives a feeling for the street festival itself. Rather than comment on the art or publish all of the artist's statements, I prefer to let the art exist as it would in your home, speaking its own language. The artist's names and hometowns are above the images. If you would like to know the titles, sizes or price of these works, please contact the individual artists. You can find all artist's contact information at the end of this posting or at the festival's website (

NOW! Art from many corners of America! I present to you some highlights of Denver's Cherry Creek Arts Festival held the weekend of July 4, 2011.

Artist David Hamlin from Edgewater, CO

Artist Joachim Knill from Hannibal, MO


Artist Angie Pickman 
from Atchison, Kansas 

Artist Keith Christopherson from Edgewood, NM 

Artist John Scanlan from Glenwood, IA 


Artist Nha Vuu from Austin, TX 

Artist David Burton
from Indianlantic, FL

Artist Beth Bojarski from Milwauke, WI

Artist C.L. Cunningham from Marietta, GA

Artist Mary Ann Clark 
from Manhattan, KS

Artist Robert Anderson from Sturgeon Bay, WI

Artists Signe & Genna Grushovenko from LaGrange, GA

Artist Tim Prythero from Albuquerque, NM

Artist Julie Adams 
from Seattle, WA

Artist Peter Karner 
from Hesperus, CO 

Artist Michael Madzo from Excelsior, MN

Artist Bill Starke from Aurora, CO

Artist John Costin from Tampa, FL

Artists Jim & Tori Mullan from Pompano Beach, FL

Artist Gabe Leonard from Los Angeles, CA

Artist Julie Sola from Nashville, TN 

Artist Steven Olszewski from Pickney, MI

Artist James Michael Nemnich from Indialantic, FL

Artist Roderick Stevens from Sierra Vista, AZ

paintings not photographs

Artist Owen Mortensen from Logan, UT

Artist Deborah Falls
from Hartland, VT

Artist Kaiser Suidan, Ferndale, MI

Artist Jeffery Zachmann from Ferus Fall, MN

There were so many more artist but I'm exhausted so we stop here. Thank you to all of the artist who gave permission to show their art for this issue.

Dinner at Denver's Buckhorn Exchange

Denver is a young city, as cities go, only about 170 years old, but liquor license #1 is still going strong, The Buckhorn Exchange. This place is OLD and filled with trophies from a time, when, if you wanted to eat a Buffalo steak (or any other solid food) you went out and brought home some meat using your own talents and equipment. The decor of this restaurant is made up of hundreds of hundred-year-old hunting trophies - very unique and a tad spooky.
The food has only gotten a little fancier in its preparation. You will dine on elk, duck, buffalo, Rocky Mountain trout, goat, sheep and Rocky Mountain oysters, ie: testicles, sliced up, coated in flour, salt and pepper, then deep fried. Remember the native Americans used every part of the buffalo!
ARTSnFOOD, All rights reserved. Concept & Original Text © Copyright 2011 Jack A. Atkinson under all International intellectual property and copyright laws. Images © individual artists, fabricators, respective owners or assignees.

Post Script:

The following is a complete List of the 2011 Cherry Creek Arts Festival Exhibitors and their contact information, o

rganized alphabetically in the following format:

Artists - Discipline - Booth - City - State - Website 
(source Cherry Creek Arts Festival, 2011)

Alex Abajian Graphics & Printmaking 196 Chicago IL 
Rick Abrams Graphics & Printmaking 186 Deland FL 
Juli Adams Painting 197 Seattle WA 
Robert Anderson Sculpture 185 Sturgeon Bay WI 
Paul Andrews Mixed Media 14 Charlotte NC 
Kendra Baird Painting 63 Charlotte NC 
James EdwardBarnes Wood 143 Woolwine VA 
Amanda Barr Ceramics 44 Ames IA 
Kate Barrere Mixed Media 7 Ojo Caliente NM 
Sally Bass Jewelry 17 Oakland CA 
Brian Beam Ceramics 132 Fulton MI 
Nicholas Bernard Ceramics 127 Scottsdale AZ 
Jeffrey Berryman Painting 206 Kersey CO 
Maggie MaeBeyeler Ceramics 210 Santa Fe NM 
Jan Bilek Ceramics 52 Little Canada MN 
Brian Blackham Painting 191 Helper UT 
Amanda Blake Painting 115 Portland OR 
Beth Bojarski Painting 35 Milwauke WI 
Viviana Bonanomi Santamarina Fiber 184 San Francisco CA 
Michael Bond Graphics & Printmaking 219 River Falls WI 
Janice Bond Graphics & Printmaking 80 Portland OR 
Jim C. Brown Mixed Media 33 Vancouver 
Michael Bryant Photography 152 Atlanta GA 
William Buhler Ceramics 75 Denver CO 
Eric Burris Jewelry 188 Silver Spring MD 
David Burton Mixed Media 181 Indialantic FL 
Todd Cameron Glass 195 Minneapolis MN 
Barbara Campbell Ceramics 48 Corvallis OR

Jeffrey Cannon Drawing 41 Austin TX 
Deborah Carlson Graphics & Printmaking 137 Evergreen CO WWW.DEBORAHACARLSON.COM 
Theresa Carson Jewelry 136 Baltimore MD 
Miriam Carter Fiber 53 Dublin NH 
Beth Ann Carver Painting 95 Indialantic FL 
Daniel Cater Ceramics 200 Sparta NC 
Leah Cavanah Photography 237 Auburndale FL 
Jennifer Chin Jewelry 22 Boston MA 
Peggotty & HansChristensen Fiber 226 Prescott AZ 
Keith Christopherson Emerging Artist Program E5 Edgewood NM 
Rimas Ciurlionis Painting 122 Berwyn IL 
Mary Ann Clark Ceramics 205 Manhattan KS 
James Cole Wood 235 Colorado SpringsCO 
Micheal Cole Photography 40 Hannibal MO 
Jeff Condon Drawing 221 Grand Rapids MI 
David Conroy Jewelry 149 Baltimore MN 
Brandon Cook Painting 2 Ogden UT 
Will Corr Painting 21 Holmes Beach FL 
John Costin Graphics & Printmaking 60 Tampa FL 
Josh Cote Mixed Media 118 Blachly OR 
Tony Cray Glass 218 New Melle MO 
Lisa Crowder Jewelry 102 Austin TX  
C.L. Cunningham Drawing 28 Marietta GA 
Cori Dantini Mixed Media 130 Pullman WA 
Lynn Davis Mixed Media 170 Willits CA 
Greg Davis Photography 211 Austin TX 
Joe DeCamillis Mixed Media 216 Birmingham AL 
Michel Delgado Mixed Media 101 Key West FL 
Roger Disney Painting 232 Tulsa OK

Karen Divine Digital Art 10 Boulder CO 
Tanya Doskova Rossen Botev Digital Art 65 Burnaby BC 
Lena Echelle Jewelry 113 Anillaco 
Raquel Edwards Photography 97 Portland OR 
James Engelhardt Mixed Media 198 Placerville CA 
Barbara Ery Emerging Artist Program E2 Orlando FL 
Terry Evans Wood 178 Overland Park KS 
Shelley Evans Mixed Media 18 Laguna Beach CA 
Deborah Falls Fiber 207 Hartland VT 
Nathan Falter Ceramics 85 Springfield MO 
Jennifer Falter Ceramics 88 Springfield MO 
Ruben Fasani Glass 92, 93 Buenos Aires 
Hans Feyerabend Painting 120 Miami FL 
Larry Fielder Wood 128 Velarde NM 
Mary Filapek Lou Ann Townsend Jewelry 151 Concord NC 
Melle Finelli Jewelry 27 Boston MA 
Mary Fischer Sculpture 236 Dripping SpringsTX 
Kristin FitzGerrell Emerging Artist Program E4 Boulder CO 
Amy Flynn moved from 213 -177 Mixed Media 177 Raleigh NC 
Larry Fox Sculpture 31 Omena MI 
Mary Frericks Jewelry 45 Topanga CA 
Michele Friedman Jewelry 225 Chicago IL 
Carol Fugmann Jewelry 126 Webster NY 
Reese Gaertner Wood 154 Northfield MN 
Theodore Gall Sculpture 46 Ojai CA 
Michael Gard Mixed Media 109 San Francisco CA 
Dolan Geiman Mixed Media 131 Chicago IL 
Sarah Giannobile Drawing 190 St. Louis MO 
Chris Giffin Jewelry 51 Jefferson OR

Amy Gillespie Fiber 59 Arlington MA 
Emma Ginsberg Painting 117 Denver CO 
Lisa Gordon Sculpture 62 Santa Fe NM 
Krista Gorrell Fiber 6 Jackson WY 
Gregg Graff Jacqueline Pouyat Mixed Media 240 Sequim WA 
Bryan DavidGriffith Photography 234 Flagstaff AZ 
Susan Griggs Allen Ceramics 111 Sarasota FL 
Signe & GennaGrushovenko Painting 147 LaGrange GA 
Hilary Hachey Jewelry 86 Baltimore MD 
Andrea Haffner Jewelry 187 Ojai CA 
John Haley III Metalworks 133 Lakewood CO 
David Hamlin Mixed Media 183 Edgewater CO 
Michael Hamlin-Smith Ceramics 38 Charlotte NC 
Anthony Hansen Metalworks 36 Morro Bay CA 
Shawn Harris Digital Art 70 San Francisco CA 
Ray Hartl Photography 112 Salem WI 
Diane Harty Fiber 129 Frisco CO 
Beverly Hayden Mixed Media 20 Chattanooga TN 
Valerie Hector Jewelry 215 Wilmette IL 
Audrey Heller Photography 175 San Francisco CA 
Aaron Hequembourg Mixed Media 4 Monticello GA 
H.J. Herrera Photography 103 Alachua FL 
Lissa Herschleb Painting 124 San Rafael CA 
Janice Ho Jewelry 25 Hannibal MO 
Cali Hobgood-Lemme Photography 58 Urbana IL 
Kristin Holeman Jewelry 94 Ft. Lauderdale FL 
Leif Holland Wood 141 Seattle WA 
Tim Hooper Painting 227 Nashville TN 
Pyper Hugos Jewelry 233 Bozeman MT

Yan Inlow Fiber 213 Alameda CA 
Kaoru Izushi Fiber 77 Madison WI 
Ethan Jantzer Photography 158 Lakewood CO 
Barbara BoumanJay Mixed Media 32 Cuddy Valley CA 
Andrew Johnson Digital Art 229 Kansas City MO 
Peter Karner Ceramics 56 Hesperus CO 
kemper Painting 222 Oklahoma City OK 
Joachim Knill Painting 26 Hannibal MO 
Steff Korsage Jewelry 37 Chicago IL 
David Korte Photography 121 Silver Spring MD 
Lynda Ladwig Ceramics 12 Lafayette CO 
Jeremy Lampe Mixed Media 123 St. Louis MO 
Michael Lancaster Barbara Harnack Ceramics 55 Cerrillos NM 
Tara Lanich-LaBrie Emerging Artist Program E6 Boulder CO 
Eric Leiberman Glass 87 Langley WA 
Gabe Leonard Painting 39 Los Angeles CA 
Joe Limpert Glass 68 Minneapolis MN 
Patty Lindbloom Jewelry 182 Champaign IL 
Lisa Loudermilk Drawing 114 Austin TX 
George Lowe Ceramics 220 Decorah IA 
Dean Lucker Ann Wood Mixed Media 90 St. Paul MN 
Geno Luketic Ceramics 67 Xenia OH 
Court Lurie Mixed Media 66 Austin TX 
Mark MacKinnon Photography 144 Millbrook NY 
Michael Madzo Mixed Media 61 Excelsior MN 
Marge Margulies Ceramics 169 Guerneville CA 
Amber Marshall Glass 82 St. Louis MO 
Jim Martin Sculpture 19 Santa Barbara CA 
Carla PennieMcBride Emerging Artist Program E3 Santa Fe NM

Chris McCarthy Glass 71 St. Louis MO 
Jennifer McCurdy Ceramics 180 Vineyard Haven MA 
Toby McGee Glass 153 Oklahoma City OK 
Brian McGuffey Painting 150 Seattle WA 
Michael McKee Drawing 162 Wheaton IL 
Jack & AliceMcLean Sculpture 166 Johnsburg IL 
Hetty & NormanMetzger Fiber 189 Homosassa FL 
Owen Mortensen Mixed Media 172 Logan UT 
James & VictoriaMullan Jewelry 192, 193Pompano Beach FL 
Matthew Naftzger Maura Curry Jewelry 89 Hannibal MO 
Ayala Naphtali Jewelry 142 New York NY 
Erik Nelson Painting 140 Pacific Grove CA 
James (Michael)Nemnich Mixed Media 212 Indialantic FL 
Marcia Newren Glass 29 Corrales NM 
Deanne Nixon Emerging Artist Program E1 Denver CO 
Lisa Norris Mixed Media 42 Chattanooga TN 
Laura Nugent Painting 239 Merriam KS 
Gena Ollendieck Mixed Media 204 Cresco IA 
Steven Olszewski Sculpture 171 Pinckney MI 
Arunas Oslapas Metalworks 174 Bellingham WA 
Susan Otterson Fiber 146 Janesville WI 
Jamie Perry Painting 134 Riverside CA 
Loretta Petraitis Painting 5 Saint PetersburgFL 
Angie Pickman Mixed Media 160 Atchison KS 
Roné Prinz Jewelry 145 Woodland Hills CA 
Tim Prythero Mixed Media 156 Albuquerque NM 
Jeffrey Raasch Sculpture 98 Milwaukee WI 
John Ransmeier Ceramics 100 Weaverville NC 
Dale Rayburn Graphics & Printmaking 148 Roswell GA

Bruce Reinfeld Photography 168 Philadelphia PA 
Chris Roberts-Antieau Fiber 91 Manchester MI 
Justin Robinson Mixed Media 99 Northport AL 
Andy Rogers Ceramics 138 Maryville MO 
Chris Rom Geoff Buddie Mixed Media 228 Swanton OH 
Cathy Rose Mixed Media 194 New Orleans LA 
Jim Rosenau Mixed Media 73 Berkeley CA 
Jon Michael Route Metalworks 116 Frederic WI 
Britt Rynearson Fiber 83 Kenmore WA 
Teresa Saia Drawing 179 Seattle WA 
Joan Sample Jewelry 3 Madison WI 
John Scanlan Photography 159 Glenwood IA 
John Schirmer Graphics & Printmaking 139 Fairfield IA 
Lin Seslar Painting 157 Sebring FL 
Karen & EricShi Mixed Media 54 San Jose CA 
Grant Silverstein Graphics & Printmaking 104 Mansfield PA 
Christine Simpson-Forni Jewelry 57 Chicago IL 
Fortune Sitole Mixed Media 119 Oakland CA 
James Skvarch Graphics & Printmaking 76 Syracuse NY 
Julie Sola Graphics & Printmaking 49 Nashville TN 
Kelley Somer Painting 110 Alpine UT 
Andrew Sovjani Photography 231 Conway MA 
Thomas Spake Glass 161 Chattanooga TN 
Sam Spiczka Sculpture 238 Sauk Rapids MN 
Bill Starke Sculpture 176 Aurora CO 
Roderick Stevens Painting 173 Sierra Vista AZ 
Melissa Stiles Jewelry 64 Portland OR 
Chelsea Stone Jewelry 202 Prescott AZ 
Gary Stretar Painting 217 Spencer OH

Luke Stretar Painting 50 Richfield OH 
Chandra Stubbs Mixed Media 23 Sawyer MI 
Brandan Styles Ellie Rusinova Emerging Artist Program E7 Denver CO 
Kaiser Suidan Ceramics 79 Ferndale MI 
J. Scott Swezy Painting 105 Albuquerque NM 
Lewis HaydenTardy Sculpture 13 Kalamazoo MI 
Kara Taub Fiber 107 Santa Monica CA 
Sean Taylor Painting 165 Villas NJ 
Justin Teilhet Ceramics 24 Yellow Springs OH 
Lisa Telling-Kattenbraker Fiber 125 Olympia WA 
Daryl Thetford Digital Art 8, 9 Chattanooga TN 
Cheryl Gail Toh Painting 15 Kansas City MO 
Heinrich Toh Graphics & Printmaking 16 Kansas City MO 
Ouida Touchon Graphics & Printmaking 30 Las Cruces NM 
Mark Traughber Mixed Media 84 Pittsburgh PA 
Vasileios Tsentas Ceramics 155 Orlando FL 
Chris Vance Painting 108 Bondurant IA 
Victoria Varga Daniel Brouder Jewelry 74 Cumberland ME 
Damian Velasquez Metalworks 96 Albuquerque NM 
Connie Verrusio Jewelry 199 Highland NY 
Caroline Viene Jewelry 208 Eugene OR 
Nha Vuu Drawing 203 Austin TX 
Jennifer Walsh Jewelry 81 Bozeman MT 
Glen & GayleWans Photography 47 Kansas City MO 
Steven Ward Painting 164 West Dundee IL 
Cheryl Ward Mixed Media 163 West Dundee IL 
Elaine Ware Mixed Media 11 Colorado SpringsCO 
Thomas Wargin Sculpture 1 Menomonee FallsWI 
Wild Bill Weldon Painting 106 Polvadera NM

Lynn Whipple Mixed Media 224 Winter Park FL 
John Whipple Painting 223 Winter Park FL 
Pamela Whitlock Richard Davidson Fiber 167 Freedom WY 
Betsy Williams Ceramics 135 Dixon NM 
Mark Winter Sculpture 34 Menomonee FallsWI 
Andrew Woodward Painting 230 Boston MA 
Rick Wright Painting 69 Kansas City MO 
Samuel Yao Fiber 201 Ann Arbor MI 
Kreg Yingst Graphics & Printmaking 43 Pensacola FL 
Betsy Youngquist Mixed Media 209 Rockford IL 
Jeffrey Zachmann Metalworks 214 Fergus Fall MN 
Paul Zerjay Wood 72 Florissant MO 
Linda Zmina Glass 78 Cleveland OH


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