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Pope Sculpture in the News, Art Basel Guide + Grandma's Pizza, a great slice in JC

New Sculpture in Rome,
Everyone is a critic!

A new 16 foot tall bronze statue of Pope John Paul II was 
unveiled in the piazza of Rome’s main train station to a public outcry. The conceptual sculpture depicts an abstracted Pope opening his cape to embrace the faithful. The "news" surrounding this sculpture is how outraged the public is over it not being a realistic depiction, but a sculpture of concept and content. For me any artwork, which manages to provoke such outrage, is also stimulating a discussion about art - and that is a good thing!
Does the new sculpture of Pope John Paul II
look like the Pope or like Italian dictator Mussolini?

 How Pope John Paul II looked
just before he passed.

A picture of  Italian dictator
Benito Mussolini.

The artist Oliviero Rainaldi hasn’t commented on the complaints and neither has the donor (the Fondazione) but the Mayor, after having initially praised the work, has distanced himself from the sculpture by saying the Latin proverb “vox populi, vox dei” (the voice of the people is the voice of God) and said that he will consider removing of the statue if the public demands it. So far the polling is 9 to 1 against the statue. Some of the public dislike it because they feel it is a poor likeness of Pope John Paul II, most just try to make a joke about the empty cavity and the style, but many have said it looks like Mussolini, the much hated Italian dictator from 1925 to 1945. Some worry that the many homeless who hang around the train station will make a permanent shelter out of the cavity of the sculpture or it will fill with trash. 
More than likely this controversy is just a much needed diversion from the political and economic scandals in Italy today. 

My opinion: It is not a great sculpture, but the work is good and has a good message. I believe this artwork can grow to become a beloved sculpture in Rome, if the politicians will just leave it alone and let people have some time to become familiar with it. 

ART Coming Soon

Art 42 Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Preview: Online Guide to the Art Basel Fair
Opening Hours
Monday, June 13, from 10.30am to 7.30pm
Tuesday, June 14, from 9am to 9.30pm
Wednesday, June 15 to Sunday, June 19, from 10.30am to 7.30pm

Schedule for this year's Art Basel:

tuesday |  June 14 | 8pm | stadtkino basel — running time 59' 
second screening Thursday, June 16, 10pm

Landscapes of/for Theatricality | Series curated by Marc Glöde  

Anna Gaskell | SOSW Ballet, 2011, 27'04'' | Galerie Gisela Capitain 
Chen Quilin | Garden, 2011, 14'36'' | long march space 
Huang Ran | Blithe Tragedy, 2010, 14'52'' | long march space 
Elina Brotherus | Bright, Bright Day, 2010, 2'19'' | gb agency 
Jennifer Bornstein | Frauenkörperbewegungsbilder, 2011, 5'15'' | greengrassi 
Anthony McCall | Landscape for Fire, 1972, 7'05'' |  Galerie Thomas Zander, 
sprüth magers 
Anthony McCall | Landscape for White Squares, 1972, 1'45'' | 
 Galerie thomas Zander 
Anthony McCall  | Earthwork, 1972, 1'45'' | Galerie Thomas Zander 

the screening on tuesday, June 14, is followed by a Q&A with Huang Ran.  
the screening on thursday, June 16, is followed by a Q&A with Anna Gaskell. 
Tuesday |  June 14 | 10pm | stadtkino basel — running time 35' 
second screening Friday, June 17, 10pm 

Animated Worlds | Curated by Marc Glöde 

Keiichi Tanaami | Good-bye Marilyn, 1971, 4'25'' | Nanzuka Underground 
Per Dybvig | Hunter Hare Dog, 2009–2010, 6'51'' | Christine König Galerie 
Magnus Wallin | Elements, 2011, 5' | Galerie Nordenhake, Elastic Gallery 
Agnieszka Polska The Forgetting of Proper Names, 2009, 3'45'' |  
Żak Branicka foundation 
Józef Robakowski | The Dynamic Rectangle, 1971, 3' | Żak Branicka foundation 
Józef Robakowski | Attention: Light!, 2004, 5' | Żak Branicka foundation 
Nathalie Djurberg Untitled, 2010, 6'05'' | music by Hans Berg |  
Gió Marconi Gallery 
wednesday |  June 15 | 8pm | Cinema rex — running time 95' 
second screening Saturday, June 18, 11am 
The Cave of Forgotten Dreams | 2010 | by Werner Herzog | 3d projection | 
Swiss Premiere | Curated by This Brunner  

the screening on June 15 is followed by a Q&A with Harald Floss, Professor 
and author, and Film historian Marcy Goldberg. the screening on June 19 is 
followed by a Q&A with Jürgen Wertheimer, Professor and author, and  
Film historian Marcy Goldberg. 
frIday |  June 17 | 8pm | stadtkino basel — running time 49' 
second screening Saturday, June 18, 10pm 

Dirty Eyes | 2010 | by Lawrence Weiner | Swiss Premiere |  
Konrad Fischer Galerie, mai 36 Galerie | Curated by Marc Glöde 

both screenings are followed by a Q&A with Lawrence Weiner and  
art Film Curator Marc Glöde. 
saturday |  June 18 | 8pm | stadtkino basel — running time 70' 
second screening Sunday, June 19, 11am 

Hallucinations/Paradise | 2010 | by Sam Samore | European Premiere |  
Galerie Gisela Capitain, Galerie Rodolphe Janssen | Curated by Marc Glöde 
the screening on saturday, June 18, is followed by a Q&A with Sam Samore 
and Art Film Curator Marc Glöde. 


One of the best slices of Pizza in the New York City area, 
is sold out of a food truck in Jersey City!

Grandma's Pizza is only available from a food truck across the Hudson from New York City on the north corner of Plaza 3 in the Harborside Financial Center (Wall Street West) in Jersey City, NJ.

About 4 years ago, after Lou Yandoli perfected his pizza, he outfitted a food truck and started selling his pizza on the streets of Jersey City. He found a hungry crowd of the financial and tech gurus working inside the back up grid (Wall Street West) in Jersey City's financial district. 

At first his was the only truck on the block, year after year more and more vendors have joined him at this location and now there are usually 4 or 5 trucks lined up to serve the lunch crowd.

Lou's Sicilian Style Pizza is the classic rectangular pizza NY grandmas cooked for their families on cookie sheets at home, thus it is served in square slices. Lou's crust is thin with some give plus it has a crisp to it, his special tomato sauce is rich and flavorful and in the center of each slice a round of sauce pokes out of the melted cloud of mozzarella di bufala cheese. 

If you want one of the BEST slices of pizza available, make the trek to Grandma's Pizza food truck, just north of the JC Light Rail Stop at Harborside Financial Center. You will find Lou selling his pizza only during lunch hours on weekdays.

Until Later, 
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