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The Association of International 
Photography Art Dealers' 
Annual New York Show 
was this past weekend.
The 7th Regiment Armory at Park Ave & 67th Street, Site of the 2011 AIPAD PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW
NOTE ON PHOTOS: To supplement the visuals, I have included some gallery links so you can view more of the photographs displayed at the AIPAD New York show.,,,,,

Ansel Adams "Moon and Half Dome"; Weston Gallery, Carmel CA
The Park Ave. Armory has been busy with shows lately and the AIPAD show is quite important in the global market for fine art photography. Photographic prints are still an affordable medium for collectors, meaning you can still buy the best, most important photographs ever taken for prices from $3,000 to $500,000, instead of tens of $millions for paintings.

Edward Weston
Weston Gallery
Carmel CA
Walking around the Armory were  several photographers taking pictures from odd angles, here and there (it is in their nature), but I was there to SEE famous and exceptional photographs collector's are buying for their walls. After a while at the show, I found myself saying, "Yes, yes, we all love  Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Andre Kertesz, Cartier-Bresson, Berenice Abbott, ManRay, Weegee, Wegman, Westons, Webber and Warhol, but where is the new, fresh talent and the cutting edge photograph pushing the whole process into the future?"  

Official State Portrait of Mao
in Tiananmen Square
Along side the photographic masterworks, were many "vintage" prints and prints from vintage negatives. One black and white photo,not of high aesthetic value but of historic significance, was at Gary Edwards Gallery from Washington, DC. It was of the former Chinese Premier Mao Zedong. The photo, by an unknown photographer, was used as reference for the Official State Painted Portrait of Mao, distributed by the millions around China and which hangs yet today in Tiananmen Square. Also of note in the vintage photography category, were Herbert G. Ponting's fantastic photos of the ill-fated 1910 "English Expedition" to the South Pole, being shown at the Flo Peters Gallerfrom Hamburg, Germany.  
"Sainthood" by Connie Imboden
16"x20", edition 16 / 25. 
Price: $5400
Gallerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris.
I enjoyed the photographs from the 1980's, by artist Connie Imboden, represented by Galerie Esther Woerderhoff of Paris, her work is exotic and mysterious. The same gallery shows the teen reality photos of Martine Fougeron, a French photographer living for 10 years in NYC, which I felt were full of life! 
Dorothea, 2001 by Lorretta Lux 
at Yossi Milo Gallery, NYC
The Yossi Milo Gallery was one of the few who was also represented at the recent Contemporary Armory Show. Their gallery always shows many heavily sought after artists, like Lorretta Lux and her arresting photos of children.

Late in my trip to the AIPAD Show, I walked into the gallery booth of Michael Hoppen Contemporary from London. Their vision was focused on what I had been looking for at AIPAD, a fresh group of photographers pushing at the edges and in unexplored territory. (I checked their web site and found even more cutting edge art. A complete list of the gallery's artists is below.) Refreshingly "NEW" is always VERY HARD to accomplish in the arts, and almost impossible if it also has the elusive quality of "emotional-content"! To me, these photographers at Michael Hoppen Contemporary do just that, their work is fresh, new and filled with emotion. The artists whose work I noticed are:
Check them out!

Michael Hoppen Contemporary Gallery also represents the following artists:
(Click on the artist's name to go to the site and see his or her work.
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A complete list of Photo Galleries at the 2011 AIPAD Show is posted at the end of this issue.
A "Ping-Pong Social Club"
(Duck's Eatery & Bar)
Spin New York is like the basement of your rich high school friend, only cooler and without the parents checking on you. Ping-Pong tables are everywhere plus bright leather couches to chill on and of course the beer is only $3 during happy hour. Grab a paddle, whack some balls, and resist the urge to chase after the ones you miss, like a golf driving range, you have an entire bucket of them, so no worries after wild hits. The friendly wait-staff will pick them up, refresh your drinks and can be consulted on what is a legal play in table tennis. There’s also a romantic nook in the back, where paintings line the walls and the sounds of Ping-Pong can inspire a lively conversation.
48 East 23rd Street, New York, New York 10010
Between Park and Madison

General Info:

Monday: 11AM - MIDNIGHT
Tuesday: 11AM - 2AM
Wednesday: 11AM - 2AM
Thursday: 11AM - 2AM
Friday: 11AM - 4AM
Saturday: 11AM - 4AM
Sunday: 11AM - MIDNIGHT

Monday:  NOON - 11PM
Tuesday:  NOON - MIDNIT
Wednesday:  NOON - 1AM
Thursday:  NOON - 1AM
Friday:  NOON - 1AM
Saturday:  NOON - 1AM
Sunday:  NOON - 10PM
Spin web site:

"Art Photography Now" 
Hardcover Book 
by Susan Bright
Available through for as low as $88, paperback out soon!

25 Years of Photography
by Connie Imboden 
Hardcover Book 
Check first for availability through the photographer's website:
Maybe she can sign it for you!   LINK: 

Reflections: 25 Years of Photography
"... Connie Imboden photographs models... using water and light to distort or reflect their images... without any computer editing or enhancement. The results are dream-like, floating forms, sometimes distorted, often complete, with an otherworldly feel. She uses a pool as her studio... this collection is a spectacular introduction." - Online Review 

Below is a complete list of AIPAD
members exhibiting at this year's show.
A Gallery for Fine Photography, New Orleans, LA
Nailya Alexander Gallery, New York, NY 
Amador Gallery, New York, NY 
Deborah Bell Photographs, New York, NY 
Joseph Bellows Gallery, La Jolla, CA 
Bonni Benrubi Gallery, Inc., New York, NY 
Stephen Bulger Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
John Cleary Gallery, Houston, TX 
Contemporary Works/Vintage Works, Chalfont, PA 
Stephen Daiter Gallery, Chicago, IL 
Keith de Lellis Gallery, New York, NY 
Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago, IL 
Gary Edwards Gallery, Washington, DC 
Etherton Gallery, Tucson, AZ 
Galerie f5,6, Munich, Germany 
Henry Feldstein, Forest Hills, NY 
Peter Fetterman Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 
Eric Franck Fine Art, London, UK 
Gitterman Gallery, New York, NY 
Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, NY 
HackelBury Fine Art Limited, London, UK 
The Halsted Gallery, Franklin, MI 
Paul M. Hertzmann, Inc., San Francisco, CA 
Higher Pictures, New York, NY 
Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, UK 
Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York, NY 
Hyperion Press Limited, New York, NY 
Charles Isaacs Photographs, Inc., New York, NY 
Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta, GA 
Steven Kasher Gallery, New York, NY 
Robert Klein Gallery, Boston, MA 
Alan Klotz Gallery, New York, NY 
Robert Koch Gallery, San Francisco, CA 
Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 
Lee Gallery, Winchester, MA 
M+B, Los Angeles, CA
Robert Mann Gallery, New York, NY 
Lee Marks Fine Art, Shelbyville, IN 
Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York, NY 
Laurence Miller Gallery, New York, NY 
Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, NY 
Monroe Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe, NM 
Richard Moore Photographs, Oakland, CA 
Robert Morat Galerie, Hamburg, Germany 
Scott Nichols Gallery, San Francisco, CA 
Gallery 19/21, Guilford, CT 
Galerie Priska Pasquer, Cologne, Germany 
PDNB Gallery, Dallas, TX 
Flo Peters Gallery, Hamburg, Germany 
Picture Photo Space Inc., Osaka, Japan 
Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York, NY 
Julie Saul Gallery, New York, NY 
William L. Schaeffer/Photographs, Chester, CT 
Scheinbaum & Russek Ltd., Santa Fe, NM 
Charles Schwartz Ltd,. New York, NY 
sepia EYE, New York, NY 
Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ 
Michael Shapiro Photographs, San Francisco, CA 
Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York, NY 
Barry Singer Gallery, Petaluma, CA 
Andrew Smith Gallery, Inc., Santa Fe, NM 
Joel Soroka Gallery, Aspen, CO 
L. Parker Stephenson Photographs, LLC, New York, NY 
Gallery 339, Philadelphia, PA 
Throckmorton Fine Art, Inc., New York, NY 
Galería Vasari, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
VERVE Gallery of Photography, Santa Fe, NM 
Vision Neil Folberg Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel 
Wach Gallery, Avon Lake, OH 
Weinstein Gallery, Minneapolis, MN 
Rick Wester Fine Art, New York, NY 
The Weston Gallery, Inc., Carmel, CA 
Winter Works on Paper, Brooklyn, NY 
Galerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris, France 
Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, New York, NY 

Guest Exhibitors

AXA Art Insurance Corporation, New York, NY
June Bateman Fine Art, New York, NY 
Paul Cava Fine Art Photographs, Bala Cynwyd, PA 
Harper's Books, East Hampton, New York 
James Hyman Photography, London UK 
Jade Jar Fine Art, Beijing, China 
Jeff Hirsch Books, Evanston, IL

Until later,

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