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Valentine Art Gifts + Small, Family Owned Chocolatiers

Chopin - The Poet of the Piano
You and your Valentine should pour two glasses of champagne, sit on the couch touching shoulders, close your eyes and listen intently to Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu in C sharp minor, Op. 66 while you sip your bubbly. You will definitely fall in love with the music, and the mood is set for the evening.

Back in the November 13, 2010 issue I wrote: "Art is beauty experienced!" By experienced I mean recognized and appreciated by the viewer. Giving someone you love a intellectually stimulating and visually beautiful artist gift for Valentine's Day will deliver a lifetime of beauty experienced.
Give your Valentine The Heart Cone Chair!

• Designed in 1959 by Verner Panton, the Heart Cone Chair takes its name from its heart-shaped silhouette. This seat blends the elegance of the 1950s with the charm of 1960s design. Yet, for all its extravagance, the Heart Cone Chair is a comfortable club chair for everyday use.  Dimensions: Height 40" Width 42" Depth 19", Red Cloth, for Vitra.
ORIGINAL  Price $3670.10

• The Miniatures Collection presents... The Heart Cone Chair by Vitra with painstaking detail to the construction, materials and colors Price $270.00.

Vitra Miniatures - Heart Shaped Cone Chair by Verner Panton 

• Full sized reproduction available from Price $385.00

Some readers have wondered what type of art do I make. "Oedipus vs Fate" is an image I created for an original Off-Broadway play produced by Joel Clark last year. It was written by poet Robert Kelly and titled "Oedipus After Colonus". My talented daughter, Crichton, was the director.

"OEDIPUS vs FATE" by Jack A. Atkinson © 2010  
Jack A. Atkinson's
"Oedipus vs Fate"  $125.00 6"v x 8.25"h centered on 8.5"v x 11"h acid free sheet of art paper, price includes any tax, shipping & handling. Archival digital print, signed and numbered, open edition - image © Jack Atkinson 2010
Email orders only, send quantity + email address, name, phone & complete shipping information to: PUT: Oedipus Print in the Subject field of your email.

Artist Agelio Batle takes a No. 2 pencil to an artistic and conceptual level.

The investigative nature of Agelio Batle's work may stem from his background in the sciences. He received a BA in Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Not wishing to pursue a career in science, he returned to his lifelong interest in art and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from California College of Arts and Crafts. He molds sculptures out of graphite.
graphite $55.00 - 6"L
Swallows announce the arrival of spring in darting, twirling dance that belies their fierce determination. having braved a 6000 mile, non-stop migration, they roost, singing in eaves and under ledges of our own shelter. We stand, gazing upward before them, humbled by their endurance and awe struck by their constancy and grace. Symbols of faith, honor, love, and hope, they inspire our highest ideals.

"Drawing Hand"
graphite  $65.00 - 4" to 5" (size of child's hand)
Whether drawing lines or inscribing words, the act of making marks lures ideas into the physical world. Hands perceive and reveal things that our eyes and conscious minds may never know. We discover things about ourselves and our thoughts by engaging the hand in a mark-making process. 

graphite  $50.00 - 6"L
Weightlessly, the quill brings words soaring. A symbol of predestination, the quill writes words imbued with a spiritual and ancient guidance.
To order these graphite works, contact Gallery 5 at 1-800-557-5073 or click on the link below.
Gallery 5  Manufactured in the USA.

Stories you may have missed.
Segway's XT Cross-Terrain Transporter

Jimi Heselden passed away doing what he loved.  The 62 year old multi-millionaire had recently bought the Segway® company, because he was an avid practitioner of the two-wheel motorized scooters and saw vast untapped potential. He lived on an estate in the countryside of Yorkshire, England. On September 26, 2010, while contemplating the military uses of the “all terrian” rugged Segway he was riding, Mr. Heselden spun off of a dirt footpath and over the edge of a 80 foot cliff. Because of the built in gyroscope balancing mechanism, if one of the two wheels, under power, comes off the ground, the machine will spin out of control, with no way to recover. The Segway company is now even more safety conscious and has created a new website devoted to safety and operating the personal transporter only after proper instruction.
"At Segway®... we recognize that riding on any personal transportation machine inherently includes risks, we are committed to educating our customers on the safe operation of Segway Personal Transporters... know how the machine operates, know to wear a helmet and know to use good judgment while riding."

Traditional, Family Owned Chocolatiers
At one time the US retail landscape was made up of small family-owned, store-front businesses whose reputation was on the line with everything they sold, serviced or made. Here are some old school creators of hand made chocolates you can ship to your Valentine. A sweet gift made with the care only a small shop can deliver.

Lee Sims Chocolates
The Lee Sims "sweets shop" in Jersey City has been owned and managed by four generations of the same family and are still located in the charming retail storefront where they started in business, many decades ago. All of their chocolates are hand dipped and they use only the freshest and highest quality of chocolate, flavorings, creams, flour, sugar, butter and nuts. Go online, fax or call for prices including shipping/handling.

Pyramid # 4   $26.95
1 lb Assorted Lee Sims Chocolates
1 lb French Style Butter Cookies
1/2 lb Premium Roasted Mixed Nuts

Item Number: PEACH
Unit Price: $28.95

Lee Sims Chocolates
743 Bergen Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306
Monday - Saturday 10 AM to 6 PM
201-433-1308, fax 201-433-0288
We Ship Everywhere!

Duffy's Delicious Candies

Duffy’s Delicious Candies in southern N.J., has been making the best quality chocolates since 1950.

  • Handmade Candies
  • Only the freshest ingredients.
  • Their candy is made in small batches.
  • Hand coating most of their chocolates

Duffy's Delicious Candies, 29 North Broadway, Gloucester City, New Jersey 08030 Phone:(856) 456-2955 Fax: (856) 456-2935         

100 piece blue box by Marie Belle Chocolates - $260.00

If your tastes run to the chic big city variety of hand made chocolates. Here are a few choices:

Burdick Chocolates, NYC

Christopher Norman Chocolates, NYC

Marie Belle Chocolates NYC

Until Later,

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