Saturday, May 14, 2016

The "Trump Headstone" Art Installation in Central Park Mystery is now Solved

A tombstone bearing Donald Trump’s name suddenly appeared early one morning in NYC's Central Park. Recently the NYC police and the secret service
tracked down the artist behind the illegal installation.
The artist states it's important to note the stone bears no death date,
because this was intended as a cautionary comment
regarding Trumps potential legacy. 
"Trump Headstone" 
Artwork in Central Park 
Was a Mystery... 
Now Solved!

This article was first published online by WND. 
Excerpts from that original story are used with permission 
and were written by Cheryl Chumley.

A tombstone bearing Donald Trump's name surfaced in Central Park. After weeks of mystery, police in New York City have finally identified the man who placed the tombstone in Central Park that bore presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's name. 

Artist Brian Andrew Whiteley

Artist Brian A. Whiteley, 33, told “The New York Times” in an interview arranged by a publicist, he had bought the stone and placed it in the park because he was simply "trying to remind Donald what type of legacy he's leaving behind." 

The tombstone appeared in Central Park in March, on the heels of a rally to protest the billionaire businessman's political ascension. The artist's installation of the grave headstone was first posted by “The Gothamist” on Twitter. The artwork includes an image of the Christian cross and Trump's birth year, 1946, along with the text: "TRUMP, DONALD J., Made America Hate Again."

Police were at first puzzled by the stone, which weighs-in at 420 pounds. Who was behind this and how had they placed it in the park. The authorities got their answers when they tracked down the identity of the artist. A story in “The Gothamist” about the stone, included an interview with the "anonymous artist”, but it also showed several photographs of the stone being created at a local business, which they were able to identify and interview the owner.

The artist found out the police knew and turned himself in. Police and the Secret Service interrogated Whiteley for many hours, but did not charge him with any crime. The Trump campaign has not commented.

Meanwhile, the stone is in a police storage facility in the Bronx. The artist is hoping to have it returned, so he can exhibit the piece in either New York or Washington, D.C.

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